E3 2019 giving us some massive games for the next few weeks

Sometimes it looks like we’re being constantly bombarded with fresh match announcements and bugs, and the gaming hype cycle has no remainder. And yet, E3 continues to fall explosives. The largest gaming display is no longer the unique cause of the year for significant player displays, but it still bags player titles in an insane quantity within a couple of days, and our persistence is always compensated with tremendous trailers.

Here’s a glance at 10 of the largest matches we’re expecting next week to see announced, studied further and/or numbered. Press releases and live streamed activities take off on Saturday and continue into Tuesday, so look home every day for our ever-updated catalogue of the greatest matches of E3 2019.


Final Fantasy 7, first released in 1997, immediately cemented its position as one of the best JRPG titles around and introduced the genre to millions of gamers around the world. Now, Square Enix is developing a remake owing to the achievement of Final Fantasy 7 over 20 years earlier.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s recent trailer arrived in May. What we saw was a real celebration for the ears; the outcome of four years of bite-sized data nuggets, ominous media dropping from third-party businesses and rumours that manufacturing was stopped (or even completely resumed). Not soon after the match was tested at E3 in 2015 for the first time.

After the launch of the latest advertisement, during PlayStation’s State of Play, a mutual breath of satisfaction could be sensed. It acted as a nice anodyne to the quiet and we were ecstatic to lastly see some indications of existence with E3 2019 just around the curve.

The match has been in the progress since 2014 but since the revelation of the E3 2015 there have been few major formal improvements.

In this moment, game development has shifted from CyberConnect2 internal designer to the in-house group of Square Enix. Such overhauls can trigger considerable difficulties in the advancement of a game, but according to Naoki Hamaguchi from Square Enix, the choice was taken out of a willingness to preserve “command value and keep the timetable stable.”

What we certainly understand is that the player will be “first” accessible to PlayStation 4 users as pledged at its revealed E3. Saying “first” indicates that this is not an exclusive outright play and that the player will eventually move to Xbox One and PC. There was no sign, however, as to how lengthy the exclusivity duration decided would be.  We also expect Final Fantasy 7 sequel to be a cross-generation version, which is probable to be released simultaneously present brand computers on both PS5 and the next Xbox. At E3 2019, we are probable to receive confirmation of a discharge deadline.

On the announcement of the remake at E3 2015, the first trailer for the match was published. The trailer is mostly animated and below you can view it on your own:


Watch Dogs Legion

The initial Watch Dogs from Ubisoft was OK, but did not live up to the fairly high expectations set by early demos. And then Watch Dogs 2 was pretty fun, probably because at that point we weren’t expecting much. As for a third Watch Dogs, honestly, we didn’t even think of it. So maybe here we’re going to be happily amazed.

It definitely sounds fascinating: an Amazon UK leak indicates a London setting in a post-Brexit globe with the capacity to jump into the body for a distinct experience with literally any personality on the city map. With a tweet stating “God save the NPCs,” Ubisoft verified the game’s appearance at E3, so we’re sure to get an exciting demo next week.

Watch Dogs Legion is genuine, and in the near future we’re sure to learn more about it. Following San Francisco and Chicago in the first two chapters, the third entry in the series will be set in London after plenty of rumors and speculation over the previous few years. Wait for more hacking, drones, and other cool gadgets as you explore an open world in detail.

We’ve completed all the rumors, announcements, and release data for you here so you can remain up-to-date with everything about the Watch Dogs franchise’s next entry.

A product listing for Watch Dogs Legion was found on Amazon UK on June 3rd, which is supposed to be set in a near-future version of London. This was the name’s first mention, as prior speculation was that it’d just be called Watch Dogs 3.

The listing— which has since been removed— the description reads,  Watch Dogs Legion” is set in a near-future version of London, dystopian version. This was the name’s first mention, as prior speculation was that it’d just be called Watch Dogs 3.

After the leak, the game will be revealed formally by Ubisoft via the official Watch Dogs Twitter account at E3. The tweet accompanies a brief video on a grainy, black background with a red Watch Dogs logo that reads, “God Save the NPCs. Disclosure at E3.  #WatchDogsLegion #UbiE3” “Their name for their Twitter account now says” Watch Dogs Legion “with the appropriate branding.

For the upcoming game, no gameplay was released yet. That said, you can expect to see some footage at the Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference on Monday 10 June at 1:00 PST.

Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers has been reported to be a PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia game. As you can see, this list misses Nintendo Switch, which is not a enormous surprise for Nintendo supporters, but nevertheless disappointing. Of course, the game can also come to next-gen consoles, though for now only the current-gen Xbox and PlayStation are verified.

The confirmation comes from the official Twitter account of the game, where an E3 picture with a gigantic advertisement for the upcoming Square Enix game was published. And the logos for PS4, Stadia, PC, and Xbox One are in this advertisement.

For some moment now, the Tomb Raider studio has been working on this adaptation, and we understand it is not based on the universe of films. A leaked listing of the E3 website also indicates an action-adventure single-player that can accommodate up to four players for real team strategies (and shenanigans). Bring the thunder… and all the other abilities of the superhero.

Of course, what may be most interesting here is that this more or less confirms that either this year or next the game will be releasing. It could be a cross-gen release if it’s next year. As you may understand, a possible release date for the game was leaked previously this week— May 15, 2019—. Whether this date was for Marvel’s Avengers at the moment was uncertain, and that’s still the case, but with this news platform, it now seems more likely to be the date for the Marvel game in fact.

It’s nice to understand that for current-gen consoles the game is releasing. There was a lot of speculation that the game could only be next-gen, but everything was unfounded. Not only is that not true, but the game will come sooner than many expected, there is a good chance.

Marvel’s Avengers for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia are being developed. There was no word of a release date at the time of publication, but that could change on Monday during the presser of Square Enix, where the game will be revealed to the world.

Doom Eternal

Following a triumphant return with Doom 2016, the iconic series of I d Software is back with Doom Eternal at E3 2019.

The gory, fast-paced, heavy metal blaring first-person shooter sequel first announced at Bethesda’s 2018 E3 press conference will put players back in the role of the Doom Slayer, the original game hero who was revived to take on the forces of hell. Demons have created their way to Earth this time around, and it is up to Doom Slayer again to save the world.

For the first time at Quakecon 2018  in August, members of the Id Software team showed off Doom Eternal. The gameplay appears to be the same as Doom 2016 for the most portion. Players will have to use a broad variety of guns to blast their way through waves of demons and leave a trail of carnage in their wake.

However, the Quakecon video showed some fresh additions to the game. There will be an invasion mode that will allow players during their playthrough to fight against player-controlled demons, creating asymmetric multiplayer gameplay. That’s when one strong opponent is taken by a squad of players. Doomguy would outstrip the demons in this scenario.

According to a VG247 interview with executive producer Marty Stratton, I d also added an old school aspect to Doom Eternal by offering players additional life. Players will get an extra life that will be used to prevent returning to a prior checkpoint when a character dies. Stratton claims this fresh addition helps when experienced agents controlling the demons invade the game of a player.

Doom Eternal will be published for PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and on PC sometime later in 2019 via the game launcher Steam and Bethesda. It is probable that a precise date will be announced at 5:30 p.m. at Bethesda’s E3 press conference. PT on the 9th of June.

Halo Infinite

It feels like it’s been a long time since there’s been a really significant, impactful Halo game that likely has something to do with this console generation’s sinking Xbox fortunes. But next week, with a Halo Infinite gameplay demo, the firm may be putting its greatest foot forward.

At last year’s E3, Halo Infinite was first teased with what was mainly a demo engine, but well-known MS leaker Thurrott indicates that the “next-generation” game will be demoted on the large level using a souped-up PC as a stand-in for the next console from Microsoft. Hopefully, it’s also heading to Xbox One along with PC, but Microsoft wants to count this demo, large time.

At Microsoft’s E3 2018 briefing, Halo Infinite was formally announced a year earlier. Not for the game itself, but rather for its brand-new engine, Slipspace, Microsoft displayed an impressive-looking trailer. While there was no gameplay in it, and we know nothing about the tale, the trailer received Halo fans hyped for the long-awaited sequel to the Halo 5: Guardians 2015.

Microsoft has confirmed that Halo Infinite will tell a tale that focuses more on Master Chief than Halo 5 did, while story details are being kept under wraps for now. As fans may recall, that title strayed from the hero of the franchise with a storyline touching on another personality, Agent Locke, and even had players fighting for some components of the campaign like him.

Halo is best known for its multiplayer mode, but sadly there are no details that will feature local split-screen (huzzah!) at this point beyond the news from years ago. Microsoft said the latest Slipspace Engine can support many distinct modes, including battle royale (although this mode is not presently under construction). You can expect Halo Infinite to take back its classic team-based multiplayer, but Microsoft will need to produce something fresh and convincing in the multiplayer department to reignite interest in the aging series with the Halo franchise usually understood to be not as popular or powerful as it once was. Halo 5’s massive, MOBA-style Warzone mode has been a refreshing take on the Halo formula, and fans will look forward to seeing Halo Infinite innovate on the multiplayer side even further.

Last year’s Slipspace Engine trailer was an interesting first look at what Halo Infinite might be, but Microsoft still has to share any information about what the game really is or what it looks like. It’s time to publish fresh information and gameplay footage for Halo Infinite at E3 2019 for Microsoft. What will be the tale? What’s going to give multiplayer? How will the Forge team grow? What’s the large fresh hook for getting individuals excited about going back to the aging sci-fi series? We hope Microsoft will answer these and more questions, even though the business is only prepared to speak at a high level.

According to Brad Sams, Microsoft insider, careers will be made or lost based on the success of Halo Infinite’s achievement considering the half-billion dollar investment reported by Microsoft in the game and its engine. The commitment of Microsoft to expand and improve Halo: The Master Chief Collection was impressive, and the game is in an excellent state today, but it’s time for Halo Infinite information.

Pokémon Sword and Shield

In the coming days, Nintendo will be showcasing a range of Switch games at E3 2019. Before that, however, the business devoted to the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield a unique pre-E3 presentation. During the stream, Nintendo gave us a look at how the world of the Switch games operates, as well as fresh gameplay mechanics (such as conversions from Dynamax) and a couple of brand-new Gen 8 Pokemon.

The Pokemon Direct verified Sword and Shield’s release date, among many other gameplay information, and gave us a look at some fresh Pokemon— including Legendaries— as well as fresh multiplayer characteristics and open-world characteristics. We still have some questions, such as whether random encounters are gone as it appears, but we now have a much stronger knowledge of Sword and Shield. That’s nice news, now that their release is only five months away.

Nintendo has also revealed its roster of playable E3 games. Although Luigi’s Mansion 3, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, the Black Order will all be there, Sword and Shield headline the list. Animal Crossing for Switch was noticeably absent, although this does not prevent it (or anything else) from appearing on June 11 during the Nintendo Direct.

Pokemon developer Game Freak stated during the Nintendo Direct that the release date for Pokemon Sword / Shield’s release date is set for November 15. Better yet, it’s a worldwide release date, so when Poke-fever strikes later this year, no one will feel left out. You can now pre-order Sword and Shield; there will also be a dual pack with both matches in relation to the two standalone variants.

Nintendo brought us to the latest Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield. The two fresh Legendaries, as you might expect, embody the titles “Sword” and “Shield,” with Zamazenta having a shield-like structure and Zacian holding a sword-like object in her mouth.

The tale and personalities of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s have been a main focus of the Direct case. We had to meet the Pokemon professor of the Galar region, your rival, and the Champion, and we learned that Pokemon Gyms are the gigantic stadiums we’ve seen before.


Something called Dynamax is one of the fresh combat components we learned about. This is an option that you can activate once a fight to increase your Pokemon to amazing size, enabling them to use more strong versions of their skills.

Raid Battles

Tied in Dynamax is a fresh kind of meeting obviously inspired by Pokemon Go: Raid Battles. These four trainers pit against a single opponent who will be Dynamaxed for the whole struggle. Defeat it and you’re going to have an opportunity to catch it. Your fellow trainers may be real players, but unless you have a group of four, the AI will fill in as required.

Smartphone Pokedex

Sword and Shield provide players a Rotom Phone instead of the standard Pokedex. Not only is this used to monitor your collection, but it also fulfills other tasks, including apparently serving as a substitute for previous games HMs.

Random Encounters

Last year’s Switch Pokemon games, Let’s Go Eevee / Pikachu, wiped out random favor encounters with a scheme where you could see wild Pokemon roaming in the wilderness. Those were supposed to return in Sword and Shield, but it feels as if random encounters are gone based on the presentation of today.


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