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Working Methods to Earn Free Xbox Live Codes Legally

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If you are looking for various methods to Earn Free Xbox Live codes, then STOP here! You are at the right place buddy. Free items attract everyone! If we can get anything free, we would never like to spend money on it. right? So, keeping everyone’s need in mind today I am going to share different methods through which you can earn Free Xbox Live Codes.

Xbox is one of the top-rated and most played gaming consoles ever. Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft Xbox, both are the top of all other gaming consoles to date. Xbox has a great collection of award-winning exclusive video games that takes our gaming experience to the next level. Codes are 25 characters long, include both numbers and letters, and follow a 5×5 format – five blocks of five characters, printed on a card purchased from a retailer. So friends, rather than going into detail about Xbox and its games, let us move ahead to the actual topic, Xbox live, Xbox live codes, methods to earn free Xbox live codes 2020.

What are Xbox Live codes and why do you need them?

Xbox Live codes are special codes that are used to purchase for your Xbox. Like if you want to take Xbox Subscription then you can redeem these codes in place of actual money. These Xbox Live codes are like virtual money by which you can do real purchases.

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The truth behind Web Generators…

Many websites are available on the web that promises you to provide free codes. They actually generate codes. no one knows hose codes will work or not! This is one part.

Another part is such websites trapped you in an infinite cycle of working for them. Such websites work like, Suppose you visit a website that provides you free codes, You go there, signed up and then login. A soon as you do all tasks, they ask you to complete some tasks such as watching videos, completing surveys, and go through a questionnaire. As soon as you complete one task, they promise you to give more after completing another task and it goes on. In the end, you will get nothing but empty hands!

Moreover, when you signup you enter some basic information about yourself, that someone may steal and use it illegally. So, it is our duty to beware of such websites.

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Working Methods to Earn Free Xbox Live Codes Legally

hey friends, reading the above section you might be worried about whether to go for free stuff or not. Let me first tell you, there is no free stuff. Everything takes something back if it gives you something. Today here I am going to share some Legit ways to earn free Xbox Live codes.

Method 1: Xbox Live Gold Trial( 14 days)

Do you have an Xbox Live account? You can try the below steps to earn free Xbox Live codes, If you haven’t yet activated live gold membership.

  1. First of all, You will get Gold 14 days of the free trial as a gift.
  2. Now click on the “Free Xbox Gold Trial”.
  3. then click next.
  4. Enter your credit card details.
  5. Press the “submit” button below.
  6. Finally, now you have registered yourself for a free trial.
  7. Enjoy till date and remember to deactivate.

Method 2: Sign in with different email IDs

This is also a great method. Freebies always like to gain something for free. So, you may find this interesting.

Create different email IDs and signing to Microsoft account. Microsoft limited its users to create up to 3 accounts on one console so you can enjoy this for three times.

And fill the credit card details of other family members for the next account.

Method 3: GPT Sites

GPT sites are the sites that work on Giveaways and takeaways method. These GPT sites work like, You have to go on website ad sign up for a free account. Then log in to your account and start doing work for them. You have to do work like completing surveys on a product, watching videos, playing games. filling reviews. In return, the site will give you some points that you can use to get Free Xbox Live codes.

These sites have patched up with big brands, so they work for them. ake reviews from common people around the world and give them something in return. The name of such websites are Points Prizes, Points Rebel, Swagbucks, etc.

Method 4: Using Bing

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine, you may know! So things are connected! If you use the Bing search engine for a query, you will gain some rewards/points. You can collect those points and get free Xbox Live codes. This is one of the simplest ways, so from today make Bing your default search engine.

Method 5: Creating a New Xbox Account to get 14 days of free Xbox Live Trial

Follow the below steps to create a new Xbox account and get a free trial.

  1. Go to the Microsoft website and sign up for an account.
  2. Now log in to the account and go to the subscription page.
  3. Now, choose the Gold Option.
  4. Choose a 14-days trial and click the next button.
  5. Now you have to enter credit card details here.
  6. Enter the details to complete the registration process.
  7. That’s all! you are good to go now with a 14days free trial pack!

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Final verdict

The Internet is full of code generator websites. Free stuff mainly related to fraud ways more the legal ways. So, now you have to decide whether you want to use legit ways or want to go on an easy hand.

I would recommend you do not get trapped by fraud sites and use the above-shared methods for free Xbox Live codes. 

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback.

Mention in comments if you know any better methods. Thank you!

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