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eBay fastens up shoelace to compete against Amazon in the Marathon of Sales.

, eBay fastens up shoelace to compete against Amazon in the Marathon of Sales., Tech chums

What is July 15 bringing for us? Just the Amazon Prime Day Sale? If you are thinking that it is pretty much it, then you are wrong. Amazon’s top contenders like eBay, Target, and Walmart are also releasing their steal deals same time around. While every competitor has got different plans to execute in order to reach the same goals, we shall report you all about eBay in this article. 

It was obvious that there will be hurdles to Amazon’s greatest annual sales where eBay will release great discounts on retail price to facilitate product sales and increase popularity. eBay wishes to crash the Amazon Prime Day Party by launching its site-wide Crash sale on July 15th, Yes, the same day when Prime Day is going to kick off and surprisingly the Crash sale will also span for 48-hours. Not a coincidence but a clear market strategy to lower the reality of the numbers from that of Expectations of Amazon. 

Moreover, eBay promises to offer discounts of up to 80% on a varying range of products which will include items from Apple, Garmin, Samsung, and many such reputable brands.

There is an interesting angle to the Nomenclature of the eBay sale as Crash Sale. According to CNet, it has two perspectives to look at. First is that it intends to Crash the Fruitful ambitions of Amazon from the Prime day and secondly, it could just be hitting Amazon with a mockery for the server crash that might happen, similar to last year during the Prime Day. 

I see a different side of it where it summons Amazon that the Market revenue plan that Amazon has will be crashed since eBay is confident to achieve a part of both dealership and membership from the sales. 

COO of eBay, Mr. Jay Hanson says that eBay has been primed to deliver exactly what the shoppers want during the present year’s Crash. He also admits that July has been a massive shopping season and that eBay’s summer sales will comprise blockbuster deals that will not disappoint customers.

eBay is the first online retailer who has countered Amazon Head-to-head by releasing the sale that collides with the Amazon’s grand sale season. Though we also know that eBay is definitely not the only contender to target Amazon but there are many more who are on the same page.

What is a little different from the agenda of Amazon, is that eBay is setting up 3 weeks of deals and sales which will be culminating with the Crash sale on board. The sale has unleashed itself since the first week of July where discounts up to 85% on kitchen appliances, camping gear, smart home devices, and robotic vacuums comprised major parts of the HoT deals.


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