Everything you need to know about parental control apps

Smartphones have become the norm in today’s day and age. They are accessed by almost everyone these days, from adolescents to older people. With the invention of smartphones, people have been bestowed with many benefits of its use, though the negative impacts it has brought cannot be neglected as well, especially the invasion of privacy and cyberbullying. Children who use smartphones are comparatively more vulnerable to these threats, and so every parent must supervise what their children are doing; one way they can do this is by downloading parental control apps.

What are parental control apps? Why are they important? I’ll go over the reasons why you should
download a parental control app if you are a parent.

What are parental control apps?

Parental control apps are used by parents to monitor their children’s activity on specific devices, as well as restricting certain actions or preventing access to particular sites or apps which they may think might negatively affect a child if they are exposed to it.

What features do parental control apps provide?

Parental control apps come with many remarkable features through which you can maximize your child’s security. One of these features, as I mentioned before, includes monitoring, which looks out for text messages and calls history (including the ones in social media). With this feature, parents can keep an eye on the interactions of their children with different people. By checking their web searches, they can also figure out a child’s interests and what’s going on in their minds.

Another feature of parental control apps provides is tracking GPS locations. Using this, you can find out your child’s location.

The biggest feature that parental control apps give to the parents is the ability to control how mobile phone functions. With this, parents can block access to specific sites that they may think are harmful to their child, for example, adult sites, the dark web, or pirated websites. No matter where they use their device, the child cannot gain entry to these sites by usual means. Screen time can be limited as well by these apps; therefore, if you want to let your kids use their smartphones for a certain amount of time, you can rest assured that these apps will do the job for you.

Why are parental control apps important?

I think this is a question that has a self-evident answer. With many dangers and risks that come with using devices like smartphones or computers, certain measures should be taken to provide for your child’s safety. Considering the psychological damage done to your child by having access to harmful utilities a smartphone may provide, protecting your child from its negative impacts is, to say the least, a priority.

Children are often naïve, and they usually don’t know the perils of communicating with suspicious people, and so, become a victim of cyberbullying. Talking to the wrong people may lead them to be physically harmed by these people. If not that, they could be very well jeopardizing their mental state, which might cause certain mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression. 

Moreover, having access to sites which only adult audiences are permitted to use legally, can also endanger their emotional wellbeing, because it can leave them with unrecoverable traumas. These traumas may have a significant effect on their lives, sometimes forcing them to make decisions that no moral human being would even consider making.

Furthermore, it is unanimously agreed that almost all children and most teens are very mischievous. Their mischief behavior typically leads them to make poor choices for themselves, which only adults might consider as a wrong decision, for example, bunking school. For this reason, parental control apps have features such as GPS location trackers, which keeps insubordinate kids in control.

These days, children spend most of their time indoors, which can prove quite unhealthy; and what’s the main reason behind this? You guessed it, smartphones. Children are more likely to get addicted to smartphones than adults. With utilities such as video games, social media, and free online streaming websites, there is no wonder why. For this, parental control apps can also limit the time they’re allowed to spend on their phones, which forces them to participate in other healthy activities such as reading books or playing sports.


Now some of you reading this might feel conflicted. Sure, these types of apps are intended for the well-being and the safety of our generation’s children, but this is a downright invasion of their privacy; and everyone is entitled to their privacy not being checked by other people. But, here’s the catch: Indeed, everyone deserves that kind of treatment, but not children. Children are at an age where they don’t understand that if their parents don’t look after them, someone else will try to invade their privacy, usually by illegal means and with ill intentions. So, in my opinion, this is a small price to pay for an immense benefit. And that is why I think parental control apps are important.

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