Express VPN Review: Get an Outstanding Speed with Reliability

Express VPN Review, Express VPN Review: Get an Outstanding Speed with Reliability, Tech chums

Are you looking for an Express VPN review? Due to the growing use of the internet around the web, the need for VPN is increasing day-by-day. Express VPN holds a good position among all competitors of VPN and is a strong contender for VPN crown. Undoubtedly, Express VPN provides great services, it is costly too! To understand the worth of its cost, let us have a look into the article and discuss Express VPN in detail.

Express VPN has a huge global network of fast VPN servers in 160 locations and 94 countries around the globe. A VPN allows you to browse Anonymously, unblock websites, unlimited streaming, and Hides your IP to keep you safe and secure. Express VPN is the number one trusted leader in VPN with a 30-days money-back guarantee. Express VPN provides amazing features to its customers and these are:

  1. Enjoy unrestricted access: Provides unrestricted access to music, videos, movies from anywhere around the world.
  2. Stay Secure and anonymous: Hides your IP address, so it keeps you anonymous
  3. Get Express VPN on all your devices: A single VPN subscription can be used on any supported device, windows, apple, Linux, iOS, MAC, etc.
  4. Get content from anywhere: Access content from centered and blocked websites easily from anywhere anytime.
  5. Powerful online protection: Defeat hackers and spies with best-in-class encryption and leak proofing.
  6. Trusted server technology: No data is ever written on the server’s hard drive and thus keeps you safe.
  7. VPN split tunneling: Allows you to route data of some device through VPN while others may access directly.
  8. Network Lock Kill switch: This keeps your data safe is the VPN connection gets down, blocks all traffic until the connection is restored.
  9. Zero-Knowledge DNS: Runs their own encrypted private DNS on servers to keep your connections safe.
  10. Best-in-class encryption: AES-256 encryption is used.
  11. No connection logs: No logs could be saved to identify you.

Apart from all the needy and amazing features that express VPN has the biggest disadvantage that is its PRICE. Express VPN is much costlier than others.

Express VPN Review, Express VPN Review: Get an Outstanding Speed with Reliability, Tech chums

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Express VPN Review

The above-shared features are just a glance and now I am going to discuss the actual tests done to get the real Express VPN review.

Speed and Reliability

Speed is the most important factor While discussing VPN’s and the speed of VPN relies on VPN servers. The quality and number of servers matter the most. Speed decides how fast the data is uploading and downloading. I ran tests on Express VPN and comes out on a few conclusions:

Smart Location feature allows you to smartly find the nearby server so that you can get a fast and reliable connection.

  • Express VPN speed in Germany: 145 Mbps, 9 Mbps
  • Belgium: 146 Mbps, 9mbps
  • Switzerland: 147mMbps, 10 Mbps

After testing on different locations we have come to the conclusion that speed is not far from the baseline speed.


Yes, this section is for torrents for Express VPN review! Express VPN has unlimited bandwidth and allows peer-to-peer communication across any of its servers. Express VPN keeps no logs, thus your activity history wouldn’t be leaked to anyone.

To have safe torrenting, express VPN is best!


Today’s life is all about streaming. Streaming songs, movies, videos are all today’s basic needs. So now the question is hoe express VPN is doing with streaming services. There are tons of streaming services available, like Netflix, Hulu, Disney, etc.

If you want to Netflix of some other country but stays in some other region then express VPN can help you. Over some tests done in the US and UK with Netflix to check the same and the results came out surprising.  With the help of Express VPN, I was able to unlock content to stream in HD easily on each one. The tests have been done over different parts of the world and in every corner, express VPN passed the test.


While maintaining a connection, every VPN keeps you secure but here comes the actual role when VPN connection gets lost. Suppose you are connected to a VPN server and VPN connection gets lost. Now? is your IP address visible? Does the government track your activity? Would you get stuck in any legal issues?

Express VPN blocks data transfer in case of connection loss until the connection gets restored again. Also, It uses the AES-256 encryption method, which is the strongest encryption algorithm of all. In terms of security, expresses VPN has no match.


Express VPN never logs your IP address, browsing history, Traffic destination, and DNS queries.

ExpressVPN clarifies its commitment to user privacy on their website:

ExpressVPN is a premium VPN provider focused on user privacy and anonymity. Our network is built around specifically NOT knowing the internet activities of our users. As privacy is a core part of our service offering, ExpressVPN is in the business of protecting our users’ private internet data.

Real Users Reviews

Apart from the Express VPN review in detail as discussed above, I am sharing some reviews here directly from users.

VPNASK – March 2020
ExpressVPN is the best VPN we’ve tested in China, and you can easily bypass the GFW with ExpressVPN, even in sensitive times. ExpressVPN is extremely fast and reliable, that’s why it’s our best pick.
Reviews fire – November 2019
If you want a trustworthy VPN that delivers speed, reliability, and ease-of-use, you can’t do any better than ExpressVPN.
vpnConfiável- November 2019

ExpressVPN is an industry leader. It’s proven to be reliable and fast across multiple applications and use-cases. The server selection, features, and interface are easy to use. ExpressVPN consistently ranks as one of the best VPNs on the market

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Final Verdict

Well readers, Thank you for reading so far. I hope you would like this complete Express VPN review guide and now cleared out on a few things.

Share your feedback and let us know if you want to know anything else. Mention in comments if we need to add anything more. Your feedback is appreciated!

Thank you!

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