Facebook announces major overhauls at the F8 conference.

Facebook has not been in the “good” list for the last couple of months, especially due to privacy and security concerns among the people. Thus it is no surprise that Facebook focused its F8 conference along the same lines.

Mark Zuckerberg showed off his plans for the popular social media platform at San Jose, California at the F8 this week. These include a complete overhaul of the Facebook Web App and Mobile App, Instagram Updates and Whatsapp Updates.

Facebook will be receiving major changes. In fact, every aspect of the platform will be changing in some way or the other. Instagram will receive updates that enhance the overall user experience while Whatsapp is getting some minor upgrades.

Facebook is getting its fifth major redesign and the company is calling it as ‘FB5’. It will be creating groups or communities as an aim to declutter the platform. The Web App is expected to look way better now. In fact, the logo is also getting revamped!

Moreover, the Facebook website will become much compact and lighter and thus will consume fewer resources on its users’ end. Focusing on the groups, Facebook will be putting them everywhere and has a strong belief in them.

The Messenger App is also getting a ton of changes. The app size will be drastically reduced as Facebook is rewriting the entire codebase. Also, all the messages will be now completely end-to-end encrypted in order to enhance the privacy and security of users. It will also be available as a standalone dedicated app for Windows and Mac with support for dark mode.

This end-to-end encryption feature will save Facebook from a ton of criticism but these changes don’t improve the audience reach reduction issue, which was released in the 1st quarter of 2019.

Facebook is also launching its Dating app to the USA towards the end of this year apart from five other countries where it was already operating. It will be getting a new feature. “Secret Crush”.

WhatsApp is getting some updates as well. You will now be able to share stories and locations just like in Facebook Messenger. Furthermore, WhatsApp will be launching on Portal, which is Facebook’s smart display with all the perks of end-to-end encryption.

Instagram is also introducing some neat features. Creators will now be able to feature products easily as they can link their posts to the items online. Instagram is also initiating fundraising activities which it claims that it won’t take any cut out of it. The Camera section is also getting a visual overhaul with a dial-type button and cleaner UI. It is also testing to remove the Likes count in Canada.

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Facebook announces major overhauls at the F8 conference., Tech chums