FIFA 21 Release date, Price and Everything We Know So Far

Football lovers are curiously waiting for FIFA 21 and if you also waiting for the most anticipated football game then here is a quick rundown of FIFA 21 release date, price, console compatibility and much more.

FIFA 21 is set to launch in September 2020 but because of the Coronavirus pandemic, there may be a delay. COVID-19 has affected every part of our lives including gaming so it may be difficult to predict the actual release date of the upcoming football giant.

Not only release date but also there is something more to discuss the most awaited football titles and here we gathered all the latest information so keep reading to be updated with the FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 release date

FIFA 21 is set to launch in September 2020 and we can predict so because every new edition of FIFA comes on the last Friday of September. But as you Corona Virus is spreading throughout the world so nothing is fixed for this year.

In case the release date of FIFA 21 will remain the same then you can pre-order the game before 3 to 4 days of the launch. Still, there is no confirmed release date for FIFA 21 and for the confirmed launch date you need to wait for June or July as the EA Sports used to announce the upcoming game dates in the special gaming conferences that take place somewhere in June or July.

PES 2020 update 4.4.0 Rolled out

FIFA 21 Price: How much you have to pay

There is no exact confirmation of the FIFA 21 price but we can assume on the basis of the previous version. Sports used to launch three editions of the FIFA games: Standard, Champions, and Ultimate. The cost of the previous editions are as follows:

Standard Edition: £60 or $60

Champions Edition: £79.99 or $79.99

Ultimate Edition: £89.99 or $99.99

So for the upcoming version, we can expect a slightly higher price or the same.

FIFA 21 Consoles Compatibility

Sony is set to launch PS5 in 2020 and Xbox X is also in its way so the question is will FIFA 21 will compatible with the next-gen consoles. It is confirmed that the game will be available for PS4, Xbox One and, PCs.

FIFA 21 may be released in September and the upcoming consoles will hit the shelves in the holidays of 2020. Means between October to December so there are chances that the upcoming football title will be available for the latest gaming consoles.

FIFA 21 New Features

Undoubtedly FIFA 20 was one of the best versions, of the FIFA series with upgraded features and we can expect something more from the FIFA 21. Here are the possible attires of the next FIFA title:

  • With every new season, new icons are added to the list of heroes and this one also is coming with new names such as David Beckham, Franz Beckenbauer, Oliver Kahn and, Francesco Totti.
  • One of the most appreciable aspects of the previous edition was Volta with a story mode, an amazing soundtrack but still, improvements were needed. In the next edition, we can expect a more enhanced Volta feature.
  • In terms of visuals, EA Sports comes with new enhancements with every edition and this and we can expect the same.Ray-tracing, improved audio quality and SSDs for faster loading speeds, which will most likely be the most desirable changes in the next edition of FIFA.
  • Last year EA Sports has lost the rights to the Juventus and the biggest question is that this year who will win the race of licensing between Konami and EA Sports. It is expected that Juventus will return on FIFA 21 because of the three deal with Juve.
  • Another giant question striking in every football game lover is that will VAR be added in the career mode of FIFA 21. So here is the great news for you if you are expecting VAR in the next addition. EA Sports is looking to add aesthetic VAR touches to the gameplay for a more realistic experience.

Who will be the cover star of FIFA 21

The hot potato of the summer months is that who will be the cover star of the upcoming FIFA title. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Thierry Henry got the cover star position in the previous editions but who will  grab the next one. FIFPLAY website conducted a vote for the upcoming cover star and the results are really surprising:

  • Wu Lei of Espanyol receiving 45% of the vote
  • Heung-min Son is in second place with 38%
  • Mohamed Salah in third with 10%.

There are chances that Kylian Mbappe will be the cover star for Standard Edition, Kevin De Bruyne for Champions edition, and Franz Beckenbauer for Ultimate edition.



Folks, that was we know so far about FIFA 21 release date, price, features, etc and I hope this information will satisfy all your queries regarding the upcoming football game.

We will update the post as we get more information so stay connected for the latest updates about FIFA 21.

Stay home stay safe!

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