Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best weapons build for Cloud Strife

Bought Final Fantasy 7 Remake and now looking for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best weapons? Touching the next level with cloud strife is really interesting. It is one of the most prominent characters Final Fantasy has. Starting from its looks to its fighting abilities, everything is so appealing. Scroll down to know Best weapons builds for Cloud Strife in FF7 Remake.

With 4 playable characters(Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Barret Wallace, and Aerith Gainsborough.) in the game, there are only 24 weapons. Instead of the more commonly used loot, upgrade and sell gambit, you can hold the same weapons for the entire game. Each weapon is able to unlock a new attack power for your party. Once you reach 100% learning on a weapon, you’ll unlock the ability forever. There is no best weapon for the game but the weapon you choose depends on your playstyle.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best weapons build for Cloud Strife

I am going to discuss the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best weapons for cloud strife. Before actually jumping to the best weapons, let us have a look at Cloud abilities and limit breaks.


Triple SlashSlash three enemies in quick succession

More damage with each blow

Iron Blade
Focused ThrustGo to an enemy with a strike hit multiple times

Significantly increases stagger

Buster Sword
BraverJump into the air and strike your foe with a powerful attack
Learned from the start.
DisorderDeliver a devastating attack and switch modes in one fluid motion
Nail Bat
Blade BurstUnleash a wave of non-elemental mako energy at an enemy in front of you with a slash of your sword
Mythril Saber
Infinity’s EndLunge toward and enemy with a piercing strike that hits multiple times. Significantly increases stagger
CounterstanceBrace for attacks and retaliate with a powerful slash.
Twin Stinger

All weapons build for Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best weapons for cloud strife list is here:

Butter SwordStarting weaponFocused Thrust
  • An all-rounder weapon for Cloud
  • Physical attack power.
  • It allows Cloud to have a number of different roles thanks to the wide range of stat boosts that it provides.
  • If you want Cloud to be your front line fighter, capable of dishing out good damage while also casting magic here and there, you can’t go wrong with the Buster Sword
  • Steadfast Block
  • Parry
  • HP Up
  • Elemental
Iron BladeA Job for the Neighborhood Watch – Acquired automatically while completing the storyTriple Slash
  • All-round weapon for Cloud
  • More of a focus on defense and magic.
  • The Iron Blade is a good choice if you want Cloud to be more of a tanky character with magic support, while still dishing out decent physical damage
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning
  • Heal & Revive
  • Barrier
  • HP Up, MP Up, Magic Up
  • Parry
Nail BatKids On Patrol – Complete the side-quest found in Sectors 5 SlumsDisorder
  • Transforms Cloud into a highly specialized physical fighter.
  • No magic boosting upgrades
  • Focuses on the physical attack and critical damage.
  • If you want Cloud to do nothing but smash his enemies into pieces, this is the weapon for you.
  • Chakra
  • HP Up, Luck Up
  • Deadly Dodge
  • ATB Boost, ATB Stagger
  • Steadfast Block
HardedgeTo Corneo’s Mansion – Sold at the Weapon Store in the Sectors 6 Slums (Wall Market). Costs 2,000 GilInfinity’s End
  • Physical attack weapon
  • Magic based upgrades as well as defensive perks.
  • It is a great choice if you want Cloud to be a damage dealer but not 1-D
  • Surprisingly versatile depending on slotted material.
  • Chakra
  • HP Up
  • Parry
  • ATB Stagger
  • Steadfast Block
Mythril SaberSold at the Weapon Store in the Sector 6 Slums (Evergreen Park). Costs 3,000 gilBlade Burst
  • Its all about magic
  • Transform Cloud into one of the party’s primary magic users
  • Focuses on offensive magic spells.
  • Raw magic booster
  • If you want Cloud to be a specialized magic user, this is the sword for you.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning
  • Healing, Barrier
  • MP Up, Magic Up

TWIN STRINGER: Best weapon

  • Out of all the above-mentioned weapons, I think Twin Stringer is the best.
  • Base stats: 46 for attack and magic but can be leveled to 73 at max.
  • It has 2×2 slots–up to 3×2.
  • It has the Counterstance ability which lets the player to brace for damage and deliver devastating blows in return.
  • It can be obtained from Shinra Tower in Chapter 17 after reuniting with Barret. This is ideal for players who want a little bit of everything for Cloud.

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Final Note

Hey friends, So here is the list of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best weapons for cloud strife. I hope you can now play Final Fantasy with proficiency and skills.

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