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How to Fix Kodi Buffering: Step by Step Guide to Stop Kodi Buffering

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Do you want to fix Kodi buffering? Is your Kodi buffering indefinitely? Are you fed up with the issue? Do you want a step by step guide to solve the issue? If yes, you are lucky to land here. Read the article below to know all about Kodi and its buffering issue and solutions.


KODI is an open-source home theatre software that acts as a bridge between online streamers and Content providers. Right? Kodi is a software that you can install on numerous devices, and provide you to watch free content that you can not pay for! It has a beautiful platform that brings all digital media together.

Now one questions come to our mind, that Is Kodi Legal? The answer to this question is YES! Kodi is just a piece of software but what you are accessing through KODI can be illegal and completely your choice. As Kodi an open-source platform, so Kodi add-ons are developed by different developers and thus it all depends upon an add-on that what you are accessing. So, developers are bringing back Kodi-addons, again and again, to give you something new and different.

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Reasons Behind Kodi Buffering?

Buffering is really irritating and you need a lot of patience to deal with such a situation. Isn’t it? When you find time to watch your favorite entertainment but end up with no fun, you might feel a little disappointed. When you sit in front of your system and buffering is going and going infinitely, then what is the first reason that comes to your Mind. SLOW INTERNET CONNECTION. This is the topmost reason that comes to our mind, right? but what could be the other reasons? let’s have a look!

  1. LIMITED Bandwidth
  2. Network connection problems
  3. Software settings problem
  4. Restricted Add-on
  5. VPN issues

How to fix Kodi Buffering?

There are various ways to Stop Kodi buffering. or you can say if we solve the above problems, ur issue gets resolved. So, let us discuss the ways to fix Kodi buffering.

Method 1: Update Kodi-addons

Kodi addons provide you the real functionality of what you can access from KODI. You need to check from time to time if addons are working or not. Though Kodi alerts you of updates you may miss it sometimes, so jus cross-checks if add-ons are working properly.

  • Go to the official Kodi website.
  • Click on add-ons.
  • Now click on “my add-ons”, from the top-left side of the screen.
  • Now, click on “Check for updates”. This will update all the add-ons and you can start a new search.

Method 2: Create Advanced Settings File

IN this method we will make a complete XML file that you can add to resolve buffering issues. Follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Kodi on your device, firestick, windows, etc
  2. Go to settings and click on “Add Manager”.
  3. Now click “add source”. To this, a new window will appear.
  4. Then, click on “None” sand enter this http://www.onenation.info/Portal/ and click OK.
  5. Give a name on the portal and click OK.
  6. Again, go to the main screen of KODI.
  7. Go to settings, then click on add-ons.
  8. Now click the box o the top-left and click on Install from zip file.
  9. After this, you will get a message on your screen telling you about “Allow Installation from unknown sources“. This will come with two options, Settings and OK. click on settings.
  10. Allow the message prompted above and then ok.
  11. You now will be navigated to the zip file page again.
  12. Scroll and find the ae you gave when the portal page opened up.
  13. Click on it and then click plugin.program.onenationportal.zip.
  14. now one nation portal will install.
  15. Click continue after installation and then ignore it.
  16. Now again go back to settings – >Addons -> Open one nation portal.
  17. Now in one nation portal click Maintenance -> System Tweaks & Fixes ->Configure AdvancedSettings ->Set video cache to highest MB’s.
  18. That’s all!

Method 3: VPN

Virtual Private network plays an important role when you access things from the internet. If you are accessing any free content, make sure you are using a VPN. VPN hides your original IP address and gives you a private network over the internet, thus hides your original identity.

So, with Kodi sometimes the internet service providers, if got to know that you are accessing any copyrighted content, they may lower down your bandwidth and you may end up in endless buffering. So, VPN will help you here as mentioned.

Method 4: Clear Cache

It is very important to clear the cache from time to time. Cache sometimes saves some unwanted things and it is very important to clear cache to remove junk files. To do this, click on add-ons. Then, click on maintenance -> cleaning tools -> clear cache. This will solve fix Kodi buffering issue.

Method 5: Check Internet Connection Speed

Internet connection plays a major role when you are facing issues like buffering.

  1. LAN users make sure all the wires are in proper working conditions.
  2. Wi-fi users make sure the router is working fine.

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Final Words

hey friends, So this is all about Kodi, its buffering issues, and solutions. Try these above-shared methods and stop Kodi buffering. So, Folks! How do you like the article?

Share your feedback. Mention in comments if you know any other way to fix Kodi buffering issues.

Thank you!!