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How to Fix Minecraft PE Crashing Issues on Android

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Do you want to know how to Fix Minecraft PE crashing issues? If you are facing such a problem then you are lucky to land here.

Your favorite blocks game is not working well? Actually, after the most recent update of Minecraft PE, the app crashes down very often. This article will tell you how you can recover from such a problem.


Explore infinite worlds and create anything from the simple house to the extraordinary castles. Millions of players play to connect with each other and play the game with the platform. The Minecraft game has several game modes and one can choose according to their interest and level of expertise. Switching between modes is also possible in run time.

The game is available for various devices, Minecraft PE is pocket edition exclusively for Android and iOS. There must be several reasons behind the crashing of the game. Let us discuss those reasons first and then their solutions.


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Why Minecraft PE is Crashing?

There might be several reasons. Those are:

  • You may be on a system with the old graphics card and drivers.
  • Your system may not have sufficient RAM to play the game.
  • There may be bugs present in the game.

The Actual Reason is Bugs that arise due to compatibility issues.

How to Fix Minecraft PE crashing issues?

There is not a single way to solve the issue and no standard way as well. The following are the best hit-and-trials, that may solve your problem within minutes. If one method does not work well, Navigate to another one. So let us start!

Method 1: Restart Your Device

This is the simplest method to fix Minecraft PE crashing issue. Sometimes simply restarting your system will solve many problems. So follow the steps below to restart your system:

  1. Click on the Power button.
  2. Now press Restart Option, and wait for until the Device gets OFF ad then ON.
  3. Now Open the game and check if the issue has solved or not.

Method 2: Clear App Cache and Data

Cache memory stores the cookies ad caught bugs sometimes due to which the games crash again and again. So first you need to clear the cache and old game data.

  • Go to your phone Settings.
  • Now search for Minecraft.
  • Select Storage;
  • Click on Clear cache and Clear Data.

Now, start the game again and try to play. If the problem does not subside, then try the next method.

Method 3: Free Up Storage

Sometimes the updated game requires a little more storage space on your device and if you are packed with the storage, you may face game crashes. So it is better to remove not used apps from your device.

Moreover, your device RAM plays an important role. If your device has 2 GB RAM, then there will be a very less crashing problem you may face. But if device RAM is less than 1 GB, you may encounter the problem often.

Now start the game again and try to play. If the issue still persists, try another method.

Method 4: Reinstall the game

Faulty Installation and bug may result in the crashing down of the app. Reinstalling the app may solve the issue.

  1. Go to play store/App Store
  2. Search for Minecraft.
  3. Click on the uninstall button.
  4. Now Click on Install Button again.
  5. Open the app, log in and check if the app is working or not.

This method surely will fix Minecraft PE crashing issues.

Method 5:  Configure Correct Settings

Enabling VBOs for your Minecraft can cause the crash as well, so you can check the following instructions to turn off VBOs. It works for many other users. Following is the way:

  • Go to Settings in your game and then Video Settings.
  • You’ll see settings about VBOs at the bottom, then turn off VBOs.
  • Restart your device and open your game.

How to Survive in Minecraft PE?

Final Words

Hey friends, the above-discussed methods will give you an answer to the question “How to fix Minecraft PE crashing issues“. I am sure that you will be able to play Minecraft smoothly. Crashing is disappointing but is irritating more! So, apply the method discussed, if one will not work, apply another.

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback. Thank you!!

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