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Fix Update Errors on Roblox for Windows 10 (Best Solutions)

Roblox is the imaginary era of Millions of players that is available for all major systems. One can create their own game, play other’s games and customize their avatar in Roblox and that’s the reason Roblox has become the most popular game over the internet. If you love to play Roblox on your desktop but facing issues while updating it then here you will learn how to fix update errors on Roblox.

Although it is pretty easy to install Roblox on Windows 10, users are complaining it crashes meanwhile or even after installation unable to start. No worries folks, we have gathered all the possible solutions here to resolve this issue and I hope any of these solutions will definitely work for you.

So let’s check out the best ways to fix update errors on Roblox on Windows 10.

How to fix update errors on Roblox for windows 10?

1.Restart your PC first

Your initial move in order to resolve the update error on Roblox is to reboot your PC.

Many times you are unable to update Roblox because of bugs and after restarting your PC the problem will not occur. So restart your system and the app will update successfully but if the issue still exists then go for the below-mentioned steps.

2.Connection check-up

For proper functionality of Roblox, you need a stable connection and if there is any interruption in your connection then the game won’t update. If the Roblox game is not included in the list of allowed apps in Windows firewall then the issue will occur and to fix it follow these steps:

  • Navigate to window’s search bar and type “Firewall”.
  • Now open up the “Allow an app through windows firewall”.
  • Tap on the “Change settings” option and allow “Roblox”.
  • Its time to confirm the changes and restart your windows device.
  • Try to start Roblox.

Fix Update Errors on Roblox for Windows 10 (Best Solutions), Tech chums

You can also apply these steps to fix possible connection issues:

  • Switch to a broadband connection
  • If needed update router’s firmware
  • Reboot router
  • Disable virtual private network

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3.Clear app’s cache

The problem can persist because of application data configuration inputs so to clear cached data you need to follow these steps:

  • Close Roblox first.
  • Move to C: Users (App Local Data)
  • Now delete the Roblox folder and reboot your Windows 10 device.

4.Update the Roblox in browser

The process of updating Roblox in the browser and Roblox app is quite similar. For it, you need to open up the Roblox web client and log in. As the Roblox game will start all the available updates will take place. Cleaning browsing cache will help to execute this task successfully and here is how to clear browser’s cache:

On Chrome and Firefox

  • Firstly press Shift + Ctrl + Delete in order to open up the Clear browsing data menu.
  • Then select All Time.
  • Now its time to delete Cookies, cached images, and other site data.
  • Finally hit the Clear Data option.

Fix Update Errors on Roblox for Windows 10 (Best Solutions), Tech chums

On Microsoft Edge

  • Again press Shift + Ctrl + Delete
  • Now under Clear Browsing data, check all the boxes.
  • Then click Clear.

Fix Update Errors on Roblox for Windows 10 (Best Solutions), Tech chums

5.Reinstall Roblox app

Oops…if any of the above-mentioned steps don’t work then one of the best practices to fix update errors on Roblox is to reinstall the app. This method will definitely work for you. You just need to uninstall the Roblox app and then install again. After it restarts your computer and the game will start updating itself.

Issue not solved yet? Try PC repair tool

Still, facing Roblox update errors on Windows 10? Then its time to switch to a PC repair software that will analyze all your Windows 10 PC’s problems and then fix them. Not only PC repair tools fix various issues but they also improve the performance of your computer.


So these are the best steps to fix update errors on Roblox for Windows 10. Apply these tricks and let us know below in the comment section which fixed out update errors on Roblox. In case you tried any other method for the same that we didn’t mention here then drop it in the comment box and we will update it on our list.

Waiting for your feedback.


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Fix Update Errors on Roblox for Windows 10 (Best Solutions), Tech chums