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How to Get Free EA Access Codes (100% Working Methods)

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EA is the contracted form of Electronic Arts and I think I don’t need to introduce EA because if you have headed here then you are familiar with it. If you own a PS4 or Xbox One then you are searching for free EA access codes to enjoy your favorite EA titles like FIFA 20, NHL 20, SIMS 4, and lots more. And we are here to simplify your task of getting EA Access codes for free.

It doesn’t matter you are a pro or a newbie EA access code will give you the free access to your desired titles and if you don’t want to pay EA Access subscription charges then go through the post and reveal the best methods to get EA Access codes for free.

What is EA Access Code?

EA Access is a video gaming subscription service that avails the video games to PS4 and Xbox One users. In order to get access to the EA Access’ games, you need to pay its subscription fee that is $4.99 for one month and $29.99 for 12 months. With this service, you get multiple offers like early trials, discounts, and a huge collection of EA games:

Advance Trials: With this facility, you can try the EA games before they get released.

Member Discount: You get a 10% discount on the purchase of  Xbox One and PS4 games.

In a nutshell, EA Access is the must-have subscription for all hardcore gamers but if you are not able to pay subscription charges then EA Access Code helps you out.

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Best ways to get free EA Access codes

Want to play your favorite EA titles without paying a single penny? I know you are not willing to buy the subscription of EA Access so here is a complete guide on how to grab free EA Access codes 2020:

1. Go for survey sites

One of the best and foremost ways to earn free EA Access codes is to complete surveys of different survey sites. Survey sites pay you points and gift cards in return for completing the given tasks. And once you have sufficient points in your account then you can redeem them via PayPal. Best survey platforms to grab EA Access codes are:

  • Swagbucks
  • Survey Junkie
  • InboxDollars
  • Lifepoints
  • Vindale Research

2. Ask for the free EA Access code direct from Support

Another valid and tested way to earn a free code for EA access is to convince the representative that the code, came with the game you bought is not working so that they can give you a new code for free. To execute this trick you need to follow the instructions given below:

  • Your initial step is to launch your web browser and navigate to
  • Then sign in with your account details and in case if you don’t have an account t then create one. Remember, if you have played the EA games previously then you must have an account. So login with your Xbox live email.
  • Now have patience and wait for the customer support representative. It may consume five to six minutes to respond depends on the availability.
  • After appearing the customer support tell him/her that the EA Access code you own is not functioning. Don’t tell the person that the game you purchased doesn’t have a code as it exists on the Manual. Because if you told so then the representative will ask to return and get a new manual. Pretend like you don’t have any knowledge regarding all and you are seeking help.
  • After it, the support person will ask about the code present on the Manual. Don’t tell him/her the exact code and tell any random code you have created. Usually, an EA Access code is made of 16 characters and if you own a 25 figure then it is of Xbox Live code. The EA  Access code looks like 7XPLM6OPQ9GHT8U6, I recommend you not to copy and paste the code because if you do so they will observe that there is something suspicious. So generate your own code instead.
  • Ready for the next step? You have to be. Next, the support representative will ask from where you have bought the game. Walmart, Bestbuy, GameStop are the big retailers so consider any of them ad also tell that you are making efforts to return the game.
  • I think the customer representative is satisfied with your act and now he/she will tell you to wait for a while. After 2 to 3 minutes he/she will provide you the fresh EA Access code to enjoy your desired EA Access titles.

3. Ask your family and friends for remaining codes

If any of your friends or a family member own Xbox One and recently they purchased Xbox One game then earn one month EA Access. Ask him/her for Manual and locate the code on Manual and utilize this code for accessing the EA Access without paying a single cent.

4. Do research for a free trial

Like other services, EA Access doesn’t provide frequently free trials for using its services but at a certain, they provide free tryouts. In order to take the benefit of free trials, you have to keep a track on the home page of EA Access. Festivals and holidays are the best occasions to get free trials of EA Access.

5.Search on eBay for used EA Access Membership

Here we are suggesting you all the possible ways to get free EA Access codes and our next trick requires a little amount. A wide array of users buy yearly EA Access subscriptions but don’t use it fullest and decide to sell their subscription on eBay at a very low cost. You have to keep an eye on such users to buy EA Access subscription at a minimum cost.

6. Hunt for free EA Access codes on the internet and use them

Nothing can beat the joy of playing your favorite game for free and for this you can use the EA Access codes that are available on the web for free. Here are the codes you can use right now:



 BU83 Y49Y 17OU 5R4O W61N

Beware of EA Access codes generators and hacks

When you search for EA Access codes over the internet you come across tons of Generator sites that claim the real producer of EA Access codes and promise you to give free EA Access codes without any human verification. But believe me, there is no EA Access code generator sites that really work but all are a scam. So stay away from such malicious sites and apply the methods that we have discussed here.


Ready to give heights to your gaming experience? Try these ways to get EA Access codes for free in 2020. I hope you got a clear idea to access these codes and if you found the post informative then please leave your review in the comment box.

In case of any query regarding EA Access codes feel free to ask us via the comment section as well. Also, share your thoughts with us.

Thank you!

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