Games accounted for 33% of mobile installs, 10% of the time and 74% of spending in 2018

App Annie’s study, released this week as the gaming industry convenes for the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, is another indication of how mobile devices have popularized video games among a wider group of consumers than just owners of specialized gaming computers and consoles, such as Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox.

U.S. spending on in-game ads will grow 16% to $3.25 billion this year from $2.8 billion in 2018, eMarketer forecast. The figure mostly consists of mobile gaming because console game platforms typically aren’t ad-supported. Mobile gaming is 20% bigger than all other forms of video games combined, per App Annie, creating a broader, more diverse audience for advertisers to reach through in-game ads.

Game developers have mostly depended on in-app purchases (IAP) to monetize their content, but they’re seeking to diversify revenue as in-game advertising swells, according to a survey by DeltaDNA.

Breaking that down further, only about 5 percent of that revenue came from outright buying apps — the other 95 percent was from in-app purchases, proving the success of free-to-play business models like randomized loot boxes, paid XP boosts, and more.

The amount of time the average person spends in a mobile game is increasing more, as well. In 2018, the total number of hours spent playing mobile games increased from around 100 billion to roughly 130 billion.

It’s also worth looking at the age ranges of people who play mobile games. In 2018, the vast majority of mobile gamers were over 25 years old throughout most of the world — China is the only exception, where the distribution of gamers aged 16-24 and those over 25 was roughly 50/50.

As we already know that our phones are practically game consoles, and it’s sharing some stats to show just how many of us play games, how long we do so, and what genres are on the rise. And just how many games come out in one year on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Most of the high-end games such as PUBG Mobile, Asphalt: Airborne and Call of Duty: Mobile are some of the most played games that attract the crowd towards itself. Recently PUBG: Mobile crossed 100 million monthly active users. Now that’s a number that can’t be ignored just like that.

It’s tough to say whether or not mobile gaming will continue to grow in the coming years as platforms like Stadia gain traction, but we’ll certainly be keeping our eye on the industry over time.

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Games accounted for 33% of mobile installs, 10% of the time and 74% of spending in 2018, Tech chums