Top 6 Ways to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes in 2020

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If you are an avid gamer and want all the expensive games in your store But simultaneously don’t want to spend much your Hard-earned money since you can have a pang of guilt for the same later, Then Do not worry, Here we will let you know about  “How you can get Free Steam Wallet Codes??”

Who won’t love to get the excellent expensive games in the Steam Store and that too without using a penny??

To help you out from the guilt of spending much money we have intended this post so here you will get complete details of ” Top 6 Ways to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes in 2020″.

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 Top 6 legit ways to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes??

  1. PointPrizes

You can get Free Steam Gift Cards at PointPrizes easily. This is one of the effortless ways to earn Steam Wallet Codes and that also in your inbox directly without putting many efforts.

What Exactly You need to do??

Here You will earn points by two methods :

  • By Signing up for the company newsletters.
  • By Completing Surveys.

This is one of the easiest, legitimate and legal ways to earn dream Steam Wallet Codes that can be performed by you if you don’t want to risks your gadgets by clicking on many links present around the web to get these free steam wallet codes as These ways usually don’t guarantee about the free codes but can be malicious enough to steal your details from your PC or can cause major damages to your system. Moreover, You can exchange these wallet codes for prizes!!

How long will it take?

As Per the offers stated by PointPrizes, By using it, You will get enough points that you can redeem to get the free steam wallet codes within 60 minutes. But, the number of points you can earn and how much quickly you earn these points highly depends on where you are located. if you are from the United States or Europe. In fact, if you belong to some unpopular places then this can be tricky for you to earn enough points so that you can redeem them to have free steam wallet codes since the no. of offers are usually less at unpopular sites.

2. MyPoints App 

This is one of the most trustworthy App to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes in 2020. It offers MyPoints: daily Rewards program that can help you to get free codes for Steam Wallet. MyPoints is the pioneer and leader of online shopping rewards. Through simple online purchases from hundreds of retailers, members earn reward Points from every transaction made.

What do You need to do?

  • You just have to sign up on the official MyPoints website.
  • Register yourself to get the reward from MyPoints App.
  • You can buy, play games to get Free Steam Gift Card here.
  • Get enough reward points from this app and just redeem it. As simple as that !!
  • You can earn reward points for Etsy, Sephora, and several other top brands too.

3. Swagbucks

This is another biggest and reliable platform to earn reward points. Swagbucks offers some methods to get the“Swags” which is an official platform currency, that helps you to exchange for free Steam wallet codes without human verification.

Can you use the Swagbucks website to earn free Steam Wallet codes?
  • You could use the Swagbucks website to earn free Steam Wallet codes, but the platform also has apps for iPhone and Android smartphones or any other iOS device that you might have. So, you can now easily spend your coffee breaks in earning all the gift cards for Amazon.
  • These methods typically include completing survey forms, signing up for promo offers, and some other enjoyable tasks that a user must complete before getting Swag rewards.

But in case, You don’t want to perform surveys and want to get the free steam codes in an easier way and quickly then The next methods are for you

How You Can Get Free Steam Wallet Codes Without Surveys ??


If you want the Free Steam Wallet codes hasslefree then Points2Shop is for you. It is one of the coolest places from which you can earn rewards by :

  • Watching Videos
  • Completing Simple Tasks
  • Survey Method: This is completely optional and depends on your will if you want to perform it and is not mandatory. You can simply choose any method according to your will.
Facts related to POINTS2SHOP:-
  1. Sign-Up Process: It will require your username, email-id, and a password for your new account. You can log in from your Facebook account also since usually, most people have accounts on Facebook.
  2.  The Conversion rate here is 1 Cent which makes it most popular among users.
  3. Redeeming your points is comparatively simple here if you compare it with other similar options available on the web.
  4. You can refer this site to your acquaintances to earn extra points.

5. Appbounty

It is the most popular way of earning Free Steam Wallet Points. Here you have to download in-app offers and sign up. You will get free points for the same and you can utilize these points to get gift cards and redeem Steam Wallet Codes. Moreover, it will provide you many referral links too that you can use to earn more coins by simply referring the app to your friends. This app is very much popular among gamers and its reach is almost in 15 countries of the world to get free royalty points for Steam Wallet.

6. Bananatic

This platform is easily accessible and free of cost and offers its users with high-quality games and interesting tasks.

Fun Fact: Here you have to earn Bananas. Yes, You heard it right. Bananas are basically the part of the point system. when you have enough bananas in your bag in the app then you can buy Steam Points. This is one of the most trustworthy places for gamers to steal free Steam Wallet Codes. Its Hasslefreeness makes it stand out among other methods since it is also an authorized distributor of Steam Free Codes.

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There are Many “Giveaway websites and communities” which claim Steam Free Codes and many websites have a high chance of having exactly what we seek. But usually, we don’t recommend this method to our readers to get free Codes since it can attract spammers to your device and malicious virus and bugs can get their direct entries into your systems. You will See infinite links on Web directing you to get these Giveaway websites and some of them may work too but it completely depends on your fortune !! In fact, many lists of free Steam wallet Codes are also available by Code Generators on the web but only 30-40% codes actually work and most codes bring suspicious activities into your system privacy. So this is on you, Whether you want to earn expensive games through legit ways or want to invite malicious content on your way.