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7 Proven Ways to Get more Instagram Followers: Attract Authentic Instagram Followers in 2020

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Is it true that you can Get More Instagram Followers? Is there any way to get more Instagram followers fast? Are you looking for answers to these tricky questions? If yes, read the article below to solve your problem.

If you look a year or two years back it is a cakewalk to get more followers but now it rockets science. But How? Why did this transition happen? Netflix has over 1 billion monthly users, smart algorithms to filter out users, and Dozens of big brands. Do you have your own business that you want to promote? Do you want to reach target Audiences? Scroll down to know more about how to get Instagram Followers.

About the Platform..!!

Whether you are an old or a naive user to the platform, You must know this basic information about Instagram. It is very important to know how the platform gained massive popularity in such a short span of time and how it will be beneficial for you.

Instagram, an app designed by Facebook developers only, is a huge social media platform to share photos and videos to thousands of people around the world. The app was first created in 2010 but acquired by Facebook in 2012 by spending almost $1 billion.

Instagram has gained rapid popularity, with one million registered users in two months, 10 million in a year, and 1 billion as of May 2019. Amazing! Over the platform, you can share posts, pictures, and images. You can share a story that will appear in 24 hours. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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Follower Generator Sites

Do you know there are many websites that create 1000 followers on your profile? Well, That’s true!

There are many online follower generator platforms that create your 1000 followers just on a single click.  These sites are nothing but make you fool only. These sites may steal your personal information and passwords. So, BEWARE! I would recommend a BIG NO to such sites.

Ways to Get More Instagram Followers from valid Websites

Are you excited to know about the genuine ways to get Instagram Followers? Use the below-shared ways and do not waste time on Scam sites. So let’s start. Have you heard of “Social media Exchange Websites”? These are the websites where you can exchanges likes and comments. The procedure is to log into the site with your social media account and start liking, following, and sharing other user’s posts. You will get some rewards for this. Such websites are Like4Like and FollowLike.

Other ways to get Instagram Followers

Though there are illegal and legal websites for the same, there are some other ways that are completely in your hands.

1) Be consistent

It is very important to be regular, be at work or in studies. Consistency is a prime key to success. Post regular posts and videos with caption indeed. As users will see your videos regularly, they will start liking and following you to see your future videos and posts.

It is not necessary to post every day but be consistent. Once in a week or in two days or once in 15 days, it is all your choice.

2) Use Proper Hashtags

Usage of hashtags will really make you popular. Many people do not know the importance of hashtags but trust me, they are really important! There is a heated debate about how many hashtags you should use, it can either be too little to make an impact or too much and feel like an #overkill. I personally think, that 10-30 hashtags you can use.

3) Video Clips

Share Short video clips. Short videos create craziness among people, whereas large videos create boredom and people may shut in the mid. So, if you want to become popular by making videos, try to make short video clips.

4) Share your Instagram post on other Platform

Share your Instagram post on other social media platforms. The more people will see your content, the more you will become famous and get likes and comments. This is the easiest way to Get More Instagram Followers.

5) Collaborate with Good Brands

The power of collaboration is huge! You can not even imagine its effect. Teaming up with like-minded and complementary business and brands will introduce your profile to a new and engaged audience you may never have reached before.

6) Create memes

People Love reading memes! Memes build brand identity, drive product interest and helps you get more followers. So, if you are creative, Build memes!

7) Long Caption

People like to read the details. So, if you are posting anything, make a detailed description of it. Short and half information is never trustworthy. So, if you write a short description, please make sure it is covering the whole topic.

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Final Thoughts

Hey, Instagram users! This is all about getting a fan following on Instagram. Instagram is a very good platform to relax, share and to promote as well. Use the above-shared ways to Get More Instagram Followers.

I hope the article would be helpful and beneficial for you.

Share your feedback. Thank you for reading!


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