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Google announces the Glass Enterprise Edition 2 AR headset

, Google announces the Glass Enterprise Edition 2 AR headset, Tech chums
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Google has announced the new addition to its augmented reality headset lineup, The Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. This headset as clear by its name is not available for consumers directly and is aimed at corporates.

This new headset competes directly against Microsoft’s Holo Lens 2. Admitted, Google Glass has fewer features but it is cheaper and still works very well. It comes with an improved processor, better camera and a USB-C port for fast charging with other notable updates.

The fundamental design remains the same with the same heads-up display. It rocks the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 chipset which is targetted specifically for AR and VR headsets/ According to Google, with this chipset, the new Glass can “computer vision and advanced machine learning capabilities.”

Google has also improved the battery capacity and has made the frames more durable and safe in collaboration with Smith Optics. The headset now runs completely on Android supporting the Android Enterprise Mobile Device Management.

If you remember, Glass was actually aimed for regular consumers but after concerns regarding privacy and actual applicability rose, it was targeted for businesses, training, workers and other professional tasks.

The new Glass is also another move from Google which joins the AR/VR club and thus also marking the company’s another effort to move away from consumer-centric products.

The company might have upset some creative fans but it’s clear that Google is refocusing towards enterprises.

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