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Google AR feature for Maps will be available on Android and iOS soon.

, Google AR feature for Maps will be available on Android and iOS soon., Tech chums
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It is general dismay on the part of a visitor stepping out of a restaurant to locate your position through GPS but not knowing which direction he is facing towards. To solve the directional issues, Mobile app developers came up with the idea of Magnets. But a conventional magnetic compass does behave differently to the orientation you hold them up to. Sometimes the needle may go horribly crazy and spin endlessly to lead you into confusion and more stress. 

Google has always tried to improve the utility of its app while making complementary efforts in developing new features and services. Google Maps have earned a huge number of public utility and is referred to most likely on a vacation or a trip. However, the general issues with the direction have got special attention from the company and it has switched on to the latest developments in the tech trend, the AR feature. After the announcement in 2018, Google is now all set to roll out the new AR navigational feature.

Having made the feature an integral part of the Pixel 4, Now, regular people will have access to AR navigation, as the feature is launching in beta on Android devices and iPhones.

As per the report by Ars Technica, ” Google calls the system “VPS,” or “Visual Positioning System.

” Your phone’s GPS narrows down your location, you point your camera at the world, and Google matches the camera footage to the plethora of visual data it has from things like Street View. This gives VPS your position and heading in 3D space, assuming Google has the data for your location. And that makes it a lot more accurate than a compass.

With the superposition of Artifacts and virtual reality over the real world, Google has made using the Navigational tool for fun and serious purpose at the same time. The VPS system compares camera data with data captured from Google’s Street View program to help place a user in their environment. Google demo a system where an AR fox or other creature would guide you to your destination, but that feature isn’t rolling out to the public just yet.

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