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Google Assistant can now help you sleep with a bedtime story!

Google Assistant is unarguably the best AI assistant on any smartphone today and there’s a reason behind that. The work is done by Google at perfecting it has been incredible. They keep adding tiny new features which might not look as major but together all these enhance the user experience in some way or the another.

Some parents must have definitely had a wish if someone could recite a bedtime story for their kid or perhaps themselves! Google Assistant will do that job for you now. So grab your pillows and get ready or get them ready to sleep!

This “Tell me a story” feature was previously available on only Google Home products but is now available across both across Android and iOS now. By saying “Hey Google, tell me a bedtime story.” the Assistant will open the Play Books app and play a story randomly from a ton of selected children stories.

No these stories aren’t in any weird robotic voice. In fact, these audiobooks that’ll play are in a very comforting and soothing voice and relax you instantly. Perfect for any tired person who just wants to have a tinge of his/her childhood back.

You don’t need to put efforts into thinking which story is actually to be read out as they are not very complex and neither very adult to understand. Thus they might just be the savior for all those men whose wives have asked them to get their kids to sleep!


Nina Young

Nina is a tech enthusiast, a programmer, and a Chess player who lives in New Jersey. She deeply believes that technology now has the capability to shape the future of people if used in the right direction.

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Google Assistant can now help you sleep with a bedtime story!, Tech chums