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Google Chrome for Android tests a new shortcut to open the tab switcher menu

, Google Chrome for Android tests a new shortcut to open the tab switcher menu, Tech chums
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Apart from revenue generation, the home-product Chrome for Android is one of those Google’s apps that receives the most attention from both critics and enterprise users. There has been a constant addition of new features to the browser keeping under consideration, both for the requirements of a stable build and those behind the scenes, not yet uncovered to us.

The Chrome team is reported is currently testing a new feature for Android that adds some extra features to function on the classic Tabs button.

According to the reports by xdaDevelopers, There is a new Chrome flag called “Enabled tab switcher long-press menu” that makes the Tabs button a little more useful. Enabling the flag allows users to long-press the Tabs button and see some shortcuts what is possibly a better enhancement of existing features on the browser option. As of now, those shortcuts include “Close tab,’ ‘New tab,” and “New incognito tab.” which were initially listed under option tags requiring extra button works. Without the flag, you have to tap the Tabs button to close the tab or open the menu for the other two shortcuts.

This certainly has not been counted as a mind-blowing new feature since it fails to save any significant amount of time required for working on the browser in the regular interface.

Besides the fact that it doesn’t even save that much time It’s also gravitating back to the same number of screen touches with or without the flag, however at present it is hard to express if the feature has added better functionality to an existing button or not. Appreciable changes appear in the perspective that the tab-related shortcuts are put in the Tabs button that makes a lot of sense in implementation.

Reportedly, when the feature will be rolled out to the browser, the flag could be discovered on Chrome channels that will be found at chrome://flags#tab-switcher-long press-menu. It’s not currently available in Chrome stable, beta, canary, or dev and definitely, critics are the first who are looking forward to it.


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