Google Chrome to introduce a media Play/Pause button.

Earlier this year, we had witnessed the falling likeability of Google Chrome due to the tracking feature which disappointed millions of chrome Users. Google Chrome holds a lion’s share in Global Marketing among browsers which definitely means a large part of the revenue at Google is made through Chrome itself. With the growing disagreement of users to the Terms introduced by Google, certainly, some step was to be taken by Chrome to safeguard its place in the Market. 

As per news from ZDNet, Chrome engineers are working to introduce a Play/Pause button to the toolbar of the browser. This button will facilitate the playing and pausing of multimedia content over the browser irrespective of the tab it is running on. 

The button will appear towards the right side of the URL bar and will open up a pop-up that will allow users to control the media playback. The fascinating thing about this is that we can now control the video as well as audio playing in the background tabs without exiting the recent one we are working on. 

This feature has been named Global Media Control (GMC) and is getting tested on the Canary distribution testing ground. The GMC Play/ Pause button essentially demonstrated the fact that Chrome will not easily give up on bringing out new innovation in the features to ensure that the users keep coming back to it no matter what lets them down in earlier issues. 

The Button is recently working with lots of troubles with bugs and crashes. It is not functioning smoothly in order to pause the videos and the audio contents. Nevertheless, this feature will become more polished in the future versions. This feature has not yet arrived nor is there any announced date for the feature to release. 

This new button was not a highly-requested feature but the reason behind the release is predictable. Earlier there used to be a speaker button which a user can click to stop a video or an audio playing in the other tabs but it never functioned well and was taken down in 2018. This feature was demanding a reinvent. In answer to that Google has given the users a universal control over the line of tabs that they open and use for media surfing. Unlike the previous speaker feature where you had to track down the offending tab, you can use the new GCM button to close the media on any tab while being on your recently opened one. 

The button will be available on the desktop versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux. There has been no information regarding its presence on Chrome OS but certainly, we can expect it to be made available there. 

How do you feel about the new button? Is this appealing enough for you to start using Chrome in case if you have left for the privacy issue?


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Google Chrome to introduce a media Play/Pause button., Tech chums