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Google gets severe on PlayStore Applications, extends the hold up to 3 days for Approval.

, Google gets severe on PlayStore Applications, extends the hold up to 3 days for Approval., Tech chums
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The Google Play Store which provides for Android Apps across Android devices has recently become the hub of malicious apps which contain adware and malware of sorts that will freeze or demote your device beyond your knowledge. These have been worse for the experience of the users with the Play store. 

Google Play has become conscious of it and will now spend more hours on the approval of the Apps than it used to do previously. According to Choice of Game, a recognized App developer which has provided for over 100 apps on Google Store, The new Apps submitted for approval to the Play store will now be examined for 3 days as opposed to the previous scenario when Apps were getting promoted in one day only. 

The news has not been clear on what criteria does the Play Store holds the Developers but it is not applicable to all. Some of the developers, based on popularity will have a lesser wait time than others. But since the Developer Choice of Game which has been supplying for more than 100 apps have been kept on the long term, the bars seem to be high enough.

This move has been expected to make the Apps service a lot more safe and concerned to the user convenience. Fear still persistent that some might just slip through the crack in the process joy overall there are at least some measures to avoid it in the. larger scene. The fact that a lot of Malware and Adware, already approved by Google still exist in the set and upon being downloaded will steal user of their information and affect their devices. 

This step has also brought in unnecessary burden for the App developers who have been honest to the assessment of the App developing process. The companies having issues with deadlines and time suasions will also face grave situations where the hold might lead to severe losses to revenue and energy to the business.  Many anticipators of reputable Apps or those with hype will also suffer from the decision.

 Needless to say, Google has to take the step at some point in the future so better off now where the reevaluation of Apps after a few years of availability on the Play Store may improvise the scenario for users. For now, Play store users are suggested to still beware of the malcontent and the malicious Apps present on App store since not all of them have been recognized or taken down. 

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