Google has announced a fresh voiceless alternative for Pixel emergency services

Google is again back with a bang by announcing a brand new fresh option for Pixel and other Android phones and this time with a genuine function which I am sure everyone is going to appreciate.

The fresh characteristic is available to people who are wounded or have a speech impairment in a hazardous scenario to get the urgent medical, cops or fire aid they need.

The sort of order will be conveyed to the user through an interactive speech system, by clicking on the button “Medical,” “Fire” or “Police” in an urgent call.

 In the next few months, this function will be accessible in the US, beginning with pixel devices.

And the most secured fact of this information is that this system operates with that sort of machine, which makes sure that the information remains between you and emergency services and moreover the system operates whether you are connected to the data or not. You can always talk to the provider straight after you start the system.

In addition to the data you give the driver, both GPS and a caller plus codes will transmit you to the provider. Now you must be drooling over what exactly plus codes are?

For individuals or locations that do not have one, a plus sign is like a house number. Plus codes are intended for everyone, everywhere, to allow supplies and access emergency services. And trust me this is already improving peoples’ life.

The plus code-addressing alternative provides a fast, online and offline deployment alternative. When an address is allocated, it is helpful to find the address instantly and can be accessed via Google Maps or via any other open-source platforms with additional codes. You can’t obtain help without an address, and it can be difficult to find your proper location. 

In the upcoming months, we will be able to witness this feature in Pixel phones which Google has decided to launch. So, we can only wait for it!

Nina Young

Nina is a tech enthusiast, a programmer, and a Chess player who lives in New Jersey. She deeply believes that technology now has the capability to shape the future of people if used in the right direction.

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Google has announced a fresh voiceless alternative for Pixel emergency services, Tech chums