Google is Anti-patriotic points Palmer in the topic of non-renewal of AI contract with the US Department of Defense.

“Varied perception delivers varied opinion and so does the action”, The quote compiles with a present scenario encountered at the US where the non-renewal of Google’s contract with the Department of Defence becomes controversial. 

Palmer Luckey, Founder of Oculus and a new defense startup speaks with CNBC on Friday highlighting the fact that Google should have renewed the contract with DoD. He points out that Google is making a mistake since the United States’ Technological Advancement and leadership has to be maintained and it is important that the US military retains technological leadership in the world.

Google’s government contract primarily focused on Artificial Intelligence which happened to expire earlier this year. Google was assigned the responsibility of providing the US military with the best power of AI in the defense system. But Google has faced a number of ups and downs in the last few weeks while working in the AI sector at Shanghai when it was labeled as treasonous by Peter Thiel, the billionaire tech investor, and Trump supporter. Even at present Google is considered to be a non-patriotic company. 

Palmer Luckey pointed out that if they had not been the ruler, they would not have dictated the rules. Additionally, he said that

If scientists and researchers across the U.S. refused to work on nuclear weapons due to ethical reasons, as Google did on AI, the world would be much worse

Palmer Luckey

Imagine if the Nazis were the first person to make practical nuclear weapons,Imagine if the Russians were the first people to make practical nuclear weapons. We would be in a very different world today. It would be a lot worse.

Palmer Luckey

While the team kept addressing each other as patriots and the best decision-maker, they are only flaming the fire of the department against the Tech Giant Google. It is a joint decision under the company itself whether it wants to take up the work on AI or not. When working under a state of being controlled by external factors, the business will no longer be a Global server of innovation but a personal possession of the US. Perceptions will vary on the matter but what every opinionated person needs to keep in mind is that an organization will always decide for itself on what focus on to sustain in the market.


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Google is Anti-patriotic points Palmer in the topic of non-renewal of AI contract with the US Department of Defense., Tech chums