Google now highlights the website’s name and icon in the search results

In a string of changes, Google is now bringing some more to the mobile search results. The result page will now soon display the website’s favicon and the name above each search result in an effort to better highlight the page being sourced. Until now, the name and link were displayed in small fonts below the result with no icon.

The change will also be coming to the web searches as well as said by a company spokesperson to TheVerge.

No doubt, after this change the search results page looks more like news feed than it does like a result page. Moreover, the feed is actually filled with posts from different publishers on a single subject. This could also be seen as an effort to combat fake news as listing the sources might actually help users identify the authentic ones.

This is also quite an aesthetic and visual change as indeed the search results page now looks much richer than it actually was. According to Google, such a design allows them to add more useful previews and action buttons. The design also moves to a much card-like design which honestly feels cleaner and much cozy to the eyes.


Louis Bruno

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Google now highlights the website’s name and icon in the search results, Tech chums