Google’s Gallery Go will make most of Google Photos like-features accessible offline

The emerging sector of lightweight services made available over the past few years in the market of Apps by Google to facilitate their functioning on Android Go, a lightweight OS is targeting sub-$100 phones in the progressing market sales. 

Google has introduced Gallery Go, a primitive version of Google Photos App that has been made to work offline. The App was announced at the Google Nigeria event. The app has similar features as that of Google Photos comprising of organizing photos, powerful editing tools, and auto-enhance. According to a report by Android Central, the App just takes a fraction of the space Google Photos takes. 

Gallery Go needs a 10MB memory space and is targeted to cater to that population in the market which doesn’t have access to high-speed internet or cloud backup solutions. As an interesting matter of information, the app implements machine learning techniques to automatically organize photos and collate the selfies in One location even in the absence of proper internet services.

Gallery Go will indeed offer you the opportunity to create folders to sort photos over the lack of internet and will even support its activity on the SD cards. The Auto enhances mode is also made available in the space of which you can adjust the brightness, color contrast, filters, saturation and sharpness of the image. The photo editing even doesn’t require much of an essential smart device feature. 

The App is made available for all devices running Android 8.1 Oreo and above. While the feature of access has been universally granted for all OS and devices, the automatic sorting of photos is limited to some of them in the market at present. 

With Google’s constant attempt to sort out ways to reach a larger audience, featuring lightweight apps will definitely help it achieve the goal in a short period of time. What becomes more appealing is that Google is implementing the customer feedback and need list effectively into its newer innovations in the market. Hopefully, customer satisfaction will help the company maintain the greater heights it has been flying in.


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Google’s Gallery Go will make most of Google Photos like-features accessible offline, Tech chums