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Hackers are getting hold of all your information through the VLC media player

, Hackers are getting hold of all your information through the VLC media player, Tech chums
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Without your acknowledgment, VLC media player now enables hackers to load, alter and operate the software on your desktop. Finally, the moment has arrived for us to uninstall the system’s VLC media player. The privacy will otherwise be at risk.

German security agency CERT-Bund recently discovered a critical security flaw, and VideoLAN currently does not have a complete patch.

The security flaw allows remote execution of code (RCE), which allows hackers to have complete access to your computer to install, run and modify anything without your knowledge. Besides, hackers can exploit the issue to cause denial-of-service attacks, a common feature of some malware.

VLC is one of the world’s most common cross-platform media players due to its free and open-source design. Unfortunately, a newfound and possibly very severe safety error found in VLC implies you may want to uninstall it until the error can be patched by the people at the VideoLAN project.

VideoLAN is also conscious of the problem and is presently operating on a patch, although this patch seems to be only 60% full right now. 

That implies that while individuals are looking for a solution, uninstalling VLC and switching to an option such as KMPlayer or Media Player Classic is the only way you can safeguard yourself from the defect.

Fortunately, there were no accounts of this defect being exploited. WinFuture claims that the security hole has impacted Windows, Linux, and Unix variants of VLC, but the macOS variant stays secure.

Other audio players like KMPlayer, Media Player Classic, or Plex Media Player can be used in the meantime.

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