Half the extensions on the Chrome Web Store have fewer than 16 installs

Google Chrome is an unbelievably popular browser, and the added utility of extensions is one of the reasons many people like this. The Chrome Web Store has lots of very helpful applications but the vast bulk of these extending have fewer than 1000 customers, according to fresh research.

Extension Monitor is a software that was implemented at the beginning of this year to assist consumers to prevent security risk by installing it on their web browser.

However, the company has also compiled a thorough survey, which shows a bunch about Chrome’s ecosystem (via ZDNet). There are presently about 188,620 Chrome extensions in the Google store, but only 13 have a huge user base.

Cisco WebEx, Good Translate, Avast, Adobe Acrobat, Grammar, Adblock plus, Pinterest, Skype, Adblock, Avast, Avast SafePrice, block origin, Honey and Tampermoney are extensions that have been able to obtain 10 million or more installs actively. Additionally, Google Photos, LastPass, Text, Avira, Google Hangouts and a few others come near to that amount.

What is particularly important, however, is how underutilized is the vast bulk of the Chrome extension market. 87% of Chrome applications have fewer than 1,000 customers, and 50% have fewer than 16 customers. 

Some 20,000 applications are also available that no one is using. This represents about 10% of the total shop with 13% of the other users.


Nina Young

Nina is a tech enthusiast, a programmer, and a Chess player who lives in New Jersey. She deeply believes that technology now has the capability to shape the future of people if used in the right direction.

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Half the extensions on the Chrome Web Store have fewer than 16 installs, Tech chums