HBO Max Release Date, Price, Movies, Shows and Everything We Know So Far

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WarnerMedia has revealed the launch date of their upcoming streaming service and if you love to stream movies and shows then be ready to switch to a whole new service. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many other premium streaming services are here and HBO Max is ready to give a tough competition to all. And we hare with a sneak peek of HBO MAX release date, price, movies, console compatibility, and much more.

In order to overcome its rivals HBO Max ic coming with 10000 hours of content at launch including exclusive movies, shows, and HBO originals. But you have to pay a few more bucks to stream HBO Max as it is costlier than other streaming services. The reason behind the higher streaming price is that  AT&T’s WarnerMedia has invested a big amount in the service.

Let’s check out when will HBO Max will launch? What will be the HBO Max price? And how will you be able to stream HBO Max?

HBO Max release date

Finally, the WarnerMedia has revealed that HBO Max will launch on 27th May 2020. Not only this platform in coming with HBO content but also you can stream a huge amount of WarnerMedia stuff along with original shows and movies. So mark the launch date now and be ready to give wings to your streaming experience.

HBO Max Price: How much you have to pay each month

The price of HBO Max will be the same as HBO Now and it will cost around $14.99 (around £11, AU$22) monthly. The good thing is that HBO Max will provide you more content than HBO Now for the same price. Nevertheless, the price of HBO Max is a little higher than its rivals, and here is a brief overview of other streaming services prices:

  • Netflix’s standard price is $12.99 Monthly.
  • Amazon Prime also costs $12.99 per month
  • Disney Plus charges $6.99 monthly
  • Hulu costs $11.99 for its premium plan

Everything coming to Netflix in May 2020

HBO Max compatible devices

WarnerMedia didn’t disclose any device list that would be compatible with HBO Max. And we can’t expect it before the launch date but it is assumed that the upcoming streaming giant will be compatible with smartphones, gaming consoles, smart TVs, Fire Tv, tablets, etc.

HBO Max Content (Movies, Shows, and originals)

Because of the increasing popularity of on-demand streaming services, new players are arriving in the market and it is really tough to predict is it worth your hard-earned money or not. As the name reveals it is the exclusive streaming service of HBO so you don’t need to suspect its greatness. on HBO Max you can watch popular HBO series like EntourageGame of ThronesWatchman, and lots more along with documentaries and exclusives.

At the launch, HBO Max will provide 10000 hours and content so you can shuffle as per your liking. Pretty Little Liars, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Gossip Girl, Doctor, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, The Office UK, Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, and much more on the way to satisfy your streaming carving.

As you know HBO Max is intuitive of HBO itself then you can expect all the original shows of 2020 and 2021 of HBO on the upcoming platform. Apart from HBO originals, the platform will also be coming with its own originals: Love Life, Carftopia, Legendary, Looney Tunes Cartoons, The Not Too Late Show with Elmo, On The Record, etc.

The Matrix trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, The Conjuring movies, Lego movies, and Gremlins movies are the movies that will reach you within the initial year.

HBO Max app features

  • Via HBO Max app you would be able to download the content and watch on an offline mode.
  • PIN system available for safety reasons.
  • Co-viewing option will be available.
  • “talent and influencers” feature


As you got the HBO Max release date, Price, and content, its time to wait until the streaming giant will enter the market. A little higher price may distract you but worth it if you want to access exclusive content.

I hope you got my point and we will update the post as we get the latest information about HBO Max so stay tuned with us.

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