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How to Cancel Netflix Account Subscription Within Minutes

Do you want to know “how to cancel Netflix account subscription“? If yes, go through this step-by-step guide that guides you about canceling Netflix subscription within 5 minutes. Also, I am going to share how can you cancel Netflix subscription on different devices and the related FAQs.

Undoubtedly, Netflix has become one of the most used online streaming platforms, that provides you thousands of movies and shows with hundreds of Originals. Netflix is a very budget-friendly platform, you get the Basic plan for just $8.99 and Standard Plan for $12.99. Though, if you compare it with a platform like HULU, it may sound a little high but it worth!

General Steps to Cancel Netflix Account Subscription


  1. Go to Netflix Website.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Now head to Account Section.
  4. Then go to membership and Billing.
  5. Click on the Cancel Membership option.
  6. Pick a reason for cancellation and proceed.

These are the general steps on how to cancel Netflix account subscription but if you access Netflix through different devices, the procedure is a bit different. We will discuss later.

How to Cancel Netflix Account Subscription Within Minutes, Tech chums

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Some Important FAQs

Q1: Does Cancellation charge money?

Ans1: NO! Cancellation does not charge any money until you restart your account again.

Q2: Will my activity lost if I cancel membership?

Ans2: Netflix Keep your viewing activity for 10 months. So if you come back during that time, you can pick up where you left.

Q3: What happens if I have a gift card and canceled Netflix by mistake?

Ans3: You will be able to watch Netflix until your service gets fully consumed, for days or months does not matter!

Q4: When can I rejoin after Cancellation?

Ans4: You can rejoin anytime, even just after the moment you canceled. Visit the link.

Q5: Can Netflix subscription be canceled via Phone Number?

Ans5: NO! You can not cancel Netflix membership by calling a customer care executive because you have to fill many details and its not safe to tell those details to someone else.

Q6: How Netflix profile deletion is different from Netflix Subscription Cancellation?

Ans6: Netflix profile deletion is you want to completely delete everything from Netflix whereas Netflix membership cancellation means you only want to cancel current membership. In cancellation, only the subscription model gets canceled which you have paid for.

Q7: How to Cancel Netflix Free Trial?

Ans7: The process is simple. Login to your account, go to the accounts section, billing and membership, and cancel the subscription.

Q8: Does Netflix provide a refund on membership cancellation?

Ans8: NO! no refunds will be given to you. Suppose if you have paid for a year and you want to cancel midway after 6 months then you will not get the subscription charges of the remaining 6 months.

Q9: How to Remove card Details From Netflix?

Ans9: You can not remove card details online by yourself. You have to contact customer care support for the same.

Q10: How to Delete Netflix Account?

Ans10: If you do not use your account for 10 months, the account will automatically be deleted.

While if you want to delete your account instantly then you may send an email to When you will compose the mail, Use the email address that is associated with your Netflix account and mention Delete my Netflix account in the subject line.

How to Cancel Netflix Account Subscription: Different Devices, Different Cancellation procedures

The general steps are although same but A few steps are different in navigation. follow the steps below to know how to cancel Netflix account subscription on various devices.

1) On Android Phone

If you have subscribed on Netflix using Google Play, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Google play
  2. On upper left side, you will see three horizontal lines.
  3. Select subscriptions from there.
  4. Now, head to Netflix and cancel the subscription.
  5. That’s all!

2) On iPhone

  1. Go to the iPhone settings.
  2. Then Choose iTunes & App Store
  3. After that, Proceed to your Apple ID and View Apple ID.
  4. Then, select the “Subscription” option.
  5. Tap on “Netflix” and “Cancel Subscription”.
  6. Finally, Tap on Confirm and you are done!

3) On PS4

  1. Open Netflix on PS4.
  2. Move to Menu
  3. Proceed to Account Option
  4. Select Cancel membership.
  5. And Finally, you are done!

4) Through App

  1. Open the Netflix App in your browser.
  2. on the bottom of the screen go to three horizontal lines.
  3. Move to More and then go to Account option.
  4. Now you are on Netflix webpage.
  5. Go to Billing and information.
  6. Hit the button “Finish Cancellation”.

5) On TV

If you watch Netflix n your smart TV, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the browser.
  2. Sign in to Netflix
  3. GO to account option
  4. Press button to Cancel the subscription.
  5. This is all! You are done!


Hey friends, I hope you would like the article on how to cancel Netflix account subscription. This complete cancellation guide will be very helpful for you. Subscription cancellation for Different devices is mentioned very clearly along with some important FAQs.

Mention in comments if you need to know anything more. Share your feedback. Thank you!!


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How to Cancel Netflix Account Subscription Within Minutes, Tech chums