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How to Delete Roblox Account: Best Ways to Delete and Uninstall Roblox

Undoubtedly Roblox is one of the best games out there and Millions of users are connecting with Roblox to enhance their creativity. If you are an active Roblox player and want to delete Roblox account then you reached at the exact page.

If you have navigated the Roblox official support site of Roblox to delete your Roblox account but got a message that there is no certain feature to stop your account then go through the post and explore the best ways to delete Roblox account permanently.

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How to delete Roblox account?

If you have finally decided that you will not play Roblox anymore then you can stop playing. But stop playing doesn’t mean that your account is deleted because Roblox keeps your account safe until you start using it again. Even on the official support site, there is no straightforward way to delete your Roblox account but we have.

You can delete your Roblox account with three methods and you can go for your preferred one. Let’s check out how to get rid of Roblox account:

Method 1: Write a Mail

The initial way to delete a Roblox account is to Email Roblox Customer Care at And here is how to execute this task:

  • Write a compelling email with the reason why you want to delete your Roblox account.
  • Attach all your personal details like full name, contact number, address, email address for verification.
  • Finally, convey it to

Method 2: Make a call

If you are not interested in the first method and want to talk on call then you can request for account deletion via phone. Call on 888-858-BLOX convey all the details they ask for verification.

Method 3: Stop Using your account

If you don’t touch your account for one year then Roblox will delete it automatically. So another way to delete your account is to stop using your account and when Roblox will observe your account inactive then they will delete it. Time-consuming method but the effective one.

How to get back deleted Roblox account?

Doesn’t matter what the reason was behind account deletion and after deleted your account you want to get back it then what would you do. No worries folks you can restore your deleted Roblox account and here are the steps for the same:

  • Just write a mail to and request them to restore your account.
  • Give all the required information associated with your old account and also clarify why you want to restore it.
  • If your data still exist then they will definitely restore your account.

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Thus you can delete your Roblox account but all the methods are time-consuming. And if you want instant account deletion then violet Roblox’s policy. We don’t recommend this method because it can also ban your account permanently and you can’t retrieve it again.

Folks, if you have still any query regarding Roblox account deletion then feel free to drop it in the comment box. In case you know any other ways to delete the Roblox account then don’t forget to share it with us.

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