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How to Donate Robux With or Without BC

How to donate Robux, How to Donate Robux With or Without BC, Tech chums

Roblox is the one-stop destination for those who want to give wings to their imagination. You can consider Roblox a virtual imaginative era where you can shape up your imagination. You can create your own game, play other’s game and even make clothing items. To upgrade your gaming experience you need Robux, the virtual currency of Roblox that worth real dollars. If you have enough Robux and one of your friends in need of Robux then you can donate Robux to him/her. But how? Just go through the post and reveal how to donate Robux to your friends.

How to donate Robux to your friends: Give Robux to your nears and dears

Roblox is the accumulated era of Millions of players which offers ultimate fun. You can introduce your game on Roblox and earn Robux by selling game passes and other customizable items. Indeed, without Robux, you can’t enjoy the platform fullest and if your friend is new to Robux so it’s your duty to help him out to give Robux.

Donating Robux means transferring Robux from one account to another. You can donate Robux to both Builder’s Club members and non-builders club members. It is quite simple to transfer Robux to a BC member and transferring to a non-BC is pretty complex.

Here we are going to discuss both methods:

How to donate Robux to members with BC?

If you are looking for a straightforward way to donate Robux then there is no way to do so. In order to give Robux to your friend who is the member of Builder club you need to follow below-mentioned steps:

  • Ask your friend to make a shirt or other clothing item and upload to the catalog.
  • Then log in to your Roblox account.
  • Now click on the “Catalogue” option.
  • After it search for the item your friend has uploaded on the catalog.
  • After finding the same product click on it and finally purchase it by clicking on the ” Buy with R $” option.
  • Like this, you can easily transfer Robux to your friend.
How to donate Robux, How to Donate Robux With or Without BC, Tech chums
Give Away Robux to your friend

How to create a shirt on Roblox

How to donate Robux to non-BC members?

You can also donate Robux to ones who are not associated with Builder Club but this process is a bit complicated. Well, you just require to apply these steps for this purpose:

  • First of all, you have to involve a third party having BC membership.
  • After it ask that person to add your needy friend to the group.
  • Then sell a clothing item like a shirt, pant or something else to the group and tell the admin to transfer that amount in your friend’s account.
  • Though the process requires extra efforts, result-oriented.

You can also give away Robux by selling the game passes. But this one is pretty time consuming because at first you have to create a game and then sell game passes. Not only time-consuming but also an expensive way of donating Robux because Roblox keeps a majority of purchase to itself. So purchasing clothes is the easiest way to give Robux to your newbie friend.


Thus one can transfer Robux to their friend but one of the most significant ways is to purchase or sell clothing items. Transferring Robux to the non-BC member is a little lengthy but at the end give results.

I hope you learned what you want via our post. If you really found it informative and interesting as well then do share. If you try these steps to donate Robux to your buddy then don’t forget to give your valuable feedback. Still, any question regarding donating Robux then drop it in the comment box.

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