How to Kill Mobs in Minecraft (Simplest Steps)

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Mobs look adorable, but Are the mobs hindering your construction? Do you want to know How to Kill Mobs in Minecraft? Mobs in Minecraft are animals, monsters or any living creatures that are around you just to harm you. Before mobs harm you, it is very important for you to kill them. Today I am going to share various methods to kill mobs.

Hostile Mobs are the ones that are dangerous for you and trust me you have to worry about such mobs. These Hostile Mobs roam around in your world in the dark or you can say night. They spawn anywhere in the village or may enter your house if you forget to turn on the lights. Skeletons, Zombies, Creepers, Spider, Endermen, Endermites and many more are all Mobs. Beware of them!

How to Kill Mobs in Minecraft?

You have just entered your house after a long tiring day and what you see! A creeper at your house! A spider falls upon your head and gets stuck. Moreover, what if a group of Hostile mobs attacks your house? OMG! Sounds scary. This is very common in Minecraft and you especially face this if you are a beginner. So read the full article below to safeguard yourself.

I have divided the process of killing mobs broadly in two ways, using probs or using commands.

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Method 1: By using Weapons


If you are going to kill a zombie, make sure that there aren’t too many zombies around. You can shoot a zombie with a bow or fight with them using Sword or other weapons.


When you go outside, always carry a bow and arrow with you. As soon as you see a creeper, kill it with a bow.


Spiders are the small creatures that may not be visible sometimes. So how do you locate Spiders? Turn the volume high and locate spiders by hearing their sounds. Use any weapon to kill the Spider. If the spider is on the roof then use a bow and kill it.


If you get stuck with Ghasts, they always remember the following point.

Ghasts use fireball to kill you. So, your work here is to deflect back the Fireball to ghasts to kill them.

The fireball deals damage in 3×3 square.

If you want to attack Ghasts, use Bow. Keep your bow fully charged always.


If there is one spider then use a bow to kill it. If there are many spiders or a group of spiders then take a step back so that they will kill each other. this technique requires good practice.

Always charge your Bow fully. Do not stay near TNT. Spiders have bow accuracy.


Stuck with Endermen! a Big no here to Attack. Now you have to defend.

If you see an Endermen, look down and enter your hose until it despawns.

If Endermen is about t attack on you, jump into the nearest waterbody.

The last is to Attack using a sword.


Dragons have crystals, that charge them. So, here you have to only destroy ed crystals. When crystals get destroyed, there is no way that Ederdragon will get charged and attack on you.

You can use Snowballs to attack.

Seize Ender Dragon’s breath in a glass bottle to get some Dragon’s Breath. This is essential to making lingering potions, and potion tipped arrows, both very useful!.

These are some ways to kill Mobs in Minecraft. Let us now move to the Command method.

Method 2: By using Kill Command

Kill commands are the easiest method to kill Mobs in Minecraft. But! Here is a flaw!

YOU HAVE TO TURN ON CHEATS to execute this in a mannered way.

Kill Mobs using UUID

Every creature has a unique identity and it appears when you write the command.

  1. Locate the mob.
  2. Type /kill
  3. A unique ID pops up. Select it.
  4. Execute the command by pressing Enter.

This will kill a specific mob like a spider or a creeper.

Kill Specific Mobs

Suppose there are a lot of Ghasts around you ad you want to kill them all in one go The follow the procedure below:

  1. Locate the mobs.
  2. Type /kill
  3. Use @e to target all the objects.
  4. Then type [type=Creepers]. This will kill all the creepers in one go.
  5. Execute the Command by pressing enter.

Kill All Mobs

If you want to kill all distinct mobs in one go then follow the steps below.

  1. type /kill
  2. Use @e to target all the objects.
  3. Type [type=!player]. This will kill all Mobs.
  4. Execute the command by pressing Enter.

This will kill all the mobs, hostile mobs in one shot whether it be spiders or creepers or anything.

Please Note: When you use kill command, the leftovers of mobs will be there. So use kill Command two times to clear leftover as well.

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Final Words

hey friends, This tutorial is all about how to kill mobs in Minecraft. You can go for an attacking way as well as use the command method to kill Hostile Mobs. I hope you would like the article.

Share your feedback. Enjoy playing Minecraft! Thank you!!

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