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How To Make Your Youtube Videos Better By Creating Beautiful End Screens

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The end screen is the concluding screen of the video. It is a facility available to you when you have made videos for mobile devices like laptops and mobile phones. All those clips that you see at the end of the video that tells you to subscribe or to keep watching the space for more videos or introduce you to other content of similar types are nothing but the end screen. 

Saying ciao and goodbye is not enough for a YouTube marketer. This simple way of parting must be employed for creating more opportunities for connecting with the users later. Thus, beauty, engagement, information, and above all, identity are some of the features that your YouTube end screen must have, to prove its relevance.

If all this is sounding too overwhelming, here is the good news! There are readymade tools available for creating very captivating end screens. These tools, such as Outro Makers, can help you have all the support you need to have for an end screen that can give your YouTube video an exemplary finish.

Listed here are some useful tips that you can follow for improving the offering of your YouTube videos with the help of engaging end screens.

Make it action-oriented

The main purpose of the end screen is to initiate a response or action from the viewer. When you have made so many efforts to create the content of all types, it is worthwhile to introduce your audience to your repertoire too. Thus, include CTAs like ‘Subscribe to view similar videos,’ add clickable links to other videos or use this screen to guide them to affiliate links. You can also add CTAs like ‘Take Survey’ to get feedback or generate consumer responses, which you can use further to enhance the product appeal.

Use last 10 seconds of the video for including end screen

The end screen is the end, and thus, it should not be too long, that it overshadows the main content; neither should it be a blink and miss affair. User behavior researches reveal that the 10-second duration is optimum for having an end screen. This allows the viewer to absorb the message and then make up their mind for impending action. A highly appealing video maker uses the end screen to serve as an icing on the cake. 

Employ custom template for making end screen

You may go crazy with the ideas regarding end screens, however, not all ideas serve the purpose. There are custom templates available which can save time and also offer you the best way to end the video. Custom templates give you all the options available that can help you achieve all the objectives of using the end screen. Some of the most enriched template examples have components like:


    1. Thank You note
    2. Subscribe button
    3. Maker profile photo
    4. Social media links
    5. Other actionable such as Like and Follow
    6. Link to similar content or more videos
    7. Logo and brand name 

A combination of a few or all of these is useful for making templates that can help you achieve the motives like more engagement, generating consumer response, building brand memory, inform the viewer about yourself, and cashing upon the social media presence and, the monetization of the video by directing to affiliate links as well.

Think of using YouTube cards

YouTube cards are an interactive way of giving more information to the user about the video and other works done by you. The timing and placement of YouTube cards can help draw the viewers’ attention to the things you want them to focus on. It can talk about:


    1. Upcoming videos
    2. Related videos
    3. Usage guides and manual videos

Going creative with the teaser text used in cards is one of the ways you can employ for making the end screens more yielding in terms of user response or action. Be simple, concise, but compelling to charge the viewer enough to go to other consumables related to the video available on your YouTube channel.

Work on branding watermarks like logo or company name and add contact details too

Though it is not exclusive to the end screen, still paying attention to the thought of adding branding watermarks can serve the purpose of boosting brand memory. Some people use the end screens for furnishing contact details also, however, not as the watermark. Adding contact details helps the marketers cash upon the generated curiosity and facilitate communication leading to the closing of deals.

 Design end screen timing of the elements 

The elements of the end screen have a purpose to serve. To garner a positive response, you can work upon the timing of screen elements and decide about the time when these should appear. It does take a lot of research to achieve the effectiveness, but keep trying until you get the right mix of timing and placement.

Thus, the end screen is not just a simple parting note; it is a world full of opportunities for YouTube marketers if developed and used correctly. So, design it with patience and a lot of interest to derive the best benefits from it. You can use an easy video maker to know more about how to create end screens that add value to YouTube videos.

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