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How to Reset Roblox Password: Best Ways to Reset Fogotten Roblox Password

Roblox I Forgot My Password | How I Recover It?

Do you want to Reset Roblox password? Have you just loaded money in your Roblox account and forget your password? Are you worried now? If yes, you are lucky to land here.

Roblox is winning many hearts due to its amazing platform features. Create and Play your own game is just like a fairytale but it is real! Roblox is available on your device, App Store, Play Store, Amazon app store, Xbox one and Microsoft.

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How to Reset Roblox Password: Best Ways to Reset Fogotten Roblox Password, Tech chums
How to Reset Roblox Password

How to Reset Roblox Password?

When you forget your password, you have to reset it and create a new one. But how? Here are the steps!

You can reset the password using email or phone number.

Using email

Right now, you are on the Login page. you have Entered userName already and Do not remember your password.

  1. You will see the option Forgot your username/password? on the Login page.
  2. Choose this option and Enter your email address and click on the Submit button. Enter the same email address that you have entered while making the account.
  3. Now click on “Continue”. A mail will be sent to your mail address.
  4. Go to your mail and click on the link referring to reset your password. If the mail does not appear in the inbox, check the Spam folder as well.
  5. Then you will be navigated to a new page where you have to enter a new password.
  6. Enter New password and confirm again.
  7. Click on the Submit button.
  8. Now again Go to the website and try to log in.
  9. You are good to go now! Enjoy playing!

Using Phone number

The first step is the same as above.

  1. Now choose the phone number option to reset the password.
  2. Choose the country Code and Enter your mobile number there.
  3. Click on the Submit button.
  4. As soon as you click submit, a 6-digit code will come to your phone number(OTP).
  5. Enter the code and then click on the verify button.
  6. Enter and confirm your new password and press the Submit button.

These are the methods when you remember your email address or have reached your mobile number. but what if you forgot my Roblox password and don’t have an email or phone number.

Do not get panic! Here is the solution!

Email to

Provide enough evidence to them that you are the owner of the account by answering a few mandatory questions.

Then on the support end, they will reset your password and provide you a new password.

Make your account more secure by opting for a two-Step verification process while login.

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How to Reset Roblox Password: Best Ways to Reset Fogotten Roblox Password, Tech chums