How to Safely Download Torrents to Safeguard Your Identity

how to safely download torrents,is torrenting safe, How to Safely Download Torrents to Safeguard Your Identity, Tech chums

Do you want to know “How to safely download Torrents?” If You are a huge fan of Online Streaming and want all the entertainment at your doorstep without spending much, Then you must have used or heard about Torrents. But here one question which keeps you bothering is that “Is Torrenting safe?” Here we will answer your questions with complete details and will let you know everything about it.

Is Torrenting Safe or not is the question that always stays on the top of the charts as many of the users have flooded the web with similar questions across the globe.

Torrenting can be risky without taking proper precautions. It may result in many Legal issues, Copyright infringement issues, and many unpleasant consequences. Downloading and uploading files through BitTorrent exposes you to a range of cyber threats. It can also lead you to Imprisonment since many governments are taking strict actions against torrenting by keeping regular checks on the people who are using and contributing to the torrent streams.

how to safely download torrents,is torrenting safe, How to Safely Download Torrents to Safeguard Your Identity, Tech chums

Is Torrenting Safe or illegal

The answer to this question is that Torrent download is not illegal but usually the world of torrents and downloading stuff comes with a backlash. Since it is difficult to determine which torrent files contain copyrighted material and which are not.

So, governments are considering it “illegal”. So there are many users who don’t violate copyright laws but also don’t want to get stuck in legal matters by hiding their identities while  Torrenting. No Worries readers !! This article will surely help you out to know “How to safely Download Torrents”?

How to Safely Download Torrents to Safeguard Your Identity?

1.VPN – Is Torrenting Safe via VPN? 

Virtual Private Network works as an interface and encrypts your internet connection and routes it through an intermediary server while torrenting and helps you to know How to safely download Torrents by hiding your Identity. Virtual Private Networks restricts your ISP and other third parties and help you to stream anonymously. While using Torrents, It hides your IP Address with the help of a middleman. So with it no one can check what are you downloading and streaming online. It also protects you from hackers and eavesdroppers as they can’t monitor your activity if you are using a decent VPN.

But here one thing is worth noting- All VPNs don’t support Torrents.so it’s necessary to keep a check on whether they do have torrent-friendly servers or not. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited can be a better option for you as it will not leave you alone with the question of how to safely download torrents for movies and other content without any risk.

After having VPN, Don’t forget to have below settings to Safely Download Torrents!!

  • Enable “kill switch” so that it pauses all downloads if the VPN connection is lost for some reason. This prevents torrent traffic from being sent directly from your device without encryption.
  • A strict no-logs policy which ensures that a VPN provider won’t monitor or record your downloads and assured that when you download, it won’t log your real IP address.

Recommended list of VPNs for a secure download of Torrent:-

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2. How To safely Download Torrents via Anomos – Is Torrenting safe via Anomos?

Anomos is a torrent client that uses end-to-end encryption. It’s based on the BitTorrent peer/tracker concept, but also adds anonymization. It is effortless and hassle-free to use. If you have a doubt here that Is Torrenting safe with Anomos.Then let us tell you that it is quite safer. On the programming front, It uses Python and the interface is very much easy to access. Moreover, the best thing is that it is available as an Open Source, So users can access it freely. 

Drawback:  Anomos only uses the .atorrent format. That means you’ll need to find .atorrent torrents since Anomos can only open and download them.

3. Proxy Servers – Is Torrenting safe with Proxy sites?

In the series of “How to safely download Torrent”, Proxy Servers can be a huge help to you. As it hides your IP address by intercepting your connection requests and forwarding them to the website you want to connect to. So, your ISP can’t see what torrenting websites you’re accessing.

Drawback: Since Proxy Servers and Sites are very popular, so consequently you have to deal with slow speeds and limited bandwidth.

What about Seedbox – Is Torrenting safe via Seedbox?

Seedbox comes is one of the trusted names when we answer the question “How to safely download Torrents?”

“Seedbox” is known for its P2P users. Basically, it’s a remote server that uses the BitTorrent to upload and download torrents from torrenting websites. Seedboxes can be physical servers, but they’re usually VPSs (Virtual Private Servers) from data centers. Seedbox ensures a great bandwidth and you can download at a great pace with it.

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Final Words

Torrenting is the leading question for those who crave for free-Entertainment. But with this do not want to face adverse consequences of Torrenting. VPN can be the ultimate solution for a safe download of Torrent as it hides your identity and IP address from your ISP.

Here we have discussed “Is Torrenting safe or not”, “How to safely Download Torrents with anonymity”. Hope this helps you out. for more such updates, Stay Tuned. Queries and Comments are well appreciated!!