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How to Sign up for Paypal: Create a paypal Account

Do you want to create a Paypal account? Do you want to know how to sign up for Paypal Account? If yes, you are lucky to land here.

In this Online world, we all need to do transactions from around the corner. And for this, you need an app that allows you to transfer money securely. Irrespective of what is your occupation or even if you are a student or housewife, you need to send or receive money online. The first name strikes our mind is Paypal.

Introduction to Paypal

Paypal is a secure platform for all the people who do Online Business. You can receive payments from your customers and also send the invoice. If you are a student, you can easily accept money from your parents with a student account. For all this, you first need to set up a Paypal account. Scroll down to know more about how to sign up for Paypal!

How to Sign up for Paypal: Create a paypal Account, Tech chums
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Types of Paypal accounts

Paypal allows you to choose the type of account you want to use according to your needs. The following are the type of accounts.

  1. Personal account: This is also known as the “standard account”. Add money to the account to shop online, and to send money to your near ones. If you want an account for personal use only, then this option is best.
  2. Premier account: If you are a businessman and want to sell your products online, then the premier account suits best to you. 
  3. Business account: Through a Business account, you can accept Bank transfers. So if you have this kind of requirement, go for a business account.
  4. Student account: If you are a student with 13 or above age and you need to receive money from your parents the student’s account suits the best for you.

How to Create a Paypal Account?: Sign up for Paypal

It doesn’t matter you are using a desktop or Paypal app, the procedure is the same for both. Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official Website or Open the app (Download from Play Store or App Store)
  2. Click on “SignUp” Option. If you want to make a standard account then it is simple. If you want to make a business account then you have two options. Each option has a different cost structure and benefits. Choose according to your need, Pro accounts cost you $30 per month.
  3. Enter your Email Address and Create a password.
  4. Do email verification by clicking on the link that is being sent to your mail.
  5. Now login to your account and add all necessary information.
  6. Then Enter your credit or Debit card, though this step is optional.
  7. If you do not want to link your card, for now, click on the option “I’d rather link my bank first”.
  8. Enter your Bank account information. If you do not want to link your bank account for now then click “I’ll link my bank later”.
  9. Apply for Paypal Credit, this is also an optional part, you may skip.  If you’d rather not apply for credit, click “No thanks”.

How to Verify Your Account?

  1. As I mentioned above, you need to verify your account. For this,
  2. Go to your Email account, Open the mail by Paypal.
  3. In the mail, you will see the option “Activate my Account”
  4. Click on it. And verification is done!

How to Link your Bank Account later?

In order to Send or Recieve money, you need to link your bank account. For this follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the official website or the App.
  2. Go to the Account Summary page and click on “Link a Bank Account” Option.
  3. If your Bank is Listed under PayPal Banks List, then Add the information and you are done. But If your bank is not listed in Paypal Database, then enter your account number and a routing number. You will get both of these numbers on your cheque. Now you have to wait for confirmation.
  4. PayPal will add small money to your account(less than a dollar) in 2 installments. You will have to enter those two numbers to confirm that you are the owner of your bank account.
  5. Finally, the added amount will be debited and you are good to go!

Final Words

Well, friends, This is all about how to sign up for Paypal account. First, create an account, enter all legal information and then verify to proceed. Simple enough to understand. So folks, set up your account within minutes and do international transactions without any hassle and worries.

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback. Thank you!


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How to Sign up for Paypal: Create a paypal Account, Tech chums