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How to Survive in Minecraft PE (Complete Survival Guide)

Minecraft is one of the best sandbox games via which you enter into an imaginative era and free to do whatever you want. Minecraft Pocket Edition is the mobile version of the game that comes with simplified ways to play the game. If you have just stepped into the beautiful world of Minecraft PE and confused how to survive at the initial stage then we are here to assist you. In this guide, you will learn the best ways to survive in Minecraft PE in the first couple of days.

After spending several hours in building and crafting in Minecraft we gathered the best tips that will help to the newbies. And if you are a beginner then just go through the post and observe how to get started in Minecraft PE to be a successful player.

How to survive in Minecraft PE?

So you have chosen survival mode and when you started with this mode you found yourself in a randomly generated world with limited health. And in order to live, you need to initiate mining and as it becomes dark, the ferocious mobs will come to harm you. Don’t worry folks, follow these steps to survive in Minecraft Pocket Edition:

1.Gather wood and create your shelter

In Minecraft, your mission is to survive and as you know for survival we all need a shelter to escape from monsters. So first walk to the trees and start punching them. Collect enough wood to craft essential items to make a shelter.

With a blink of your eyes, mobs can attack on you so to protect yourself for the first night make a simple shelter with the available resources. A simple wooden hut with roof and door will make your survival possible.

How to Survive in Minecraft PE (Complete Survival Guide), Tech chums
Minecraft PE survival guide

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2.Create necessary tools

Now you have a house to stay in but to fight with the dangerous enemies and to gather other valuable resources you need tools. You have created a crafting table when you designed your shelter and with this crafting table now you need to craft other tools such as Pickaxe, Axe, Sword, Bow, and Arrow. Firstly you can craft these tools with wood but as you progress in the game you get diamonds, iron, and cobblestone to upgrade your tools.

3. Don’t forget to make torches

One of the best ways to survive in the Minecraft PE is to make torches with the charcoal. You can get charcoal by burning wooden planks or by coal. In fact, these torches will keep monsters away.

4. It’s time to mine

Now you have essential tools that will help you to mine so start digging a staircase downward. Make sure to build the mine in staircase shape otherwise you will fall into a hole. Place torches on your way to avoid mobs and also take Pickaxe and Sword with you.

On the first night when you start mining, you get valuable materials like Iron and Diamonds to craft armors. So mine wisely and gather precious resources.

How to Survive in Minecraft PE (Complete Survival Guide), Tech chums

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5.Build a farm

After upgrading your tools your next move in order to survive in Minecraft PE is to build a farm. In the day time, you don’t have any fear of mobs so you can construct your farm easily. Find seeds by digging in the land and trap animals to start a farm. As you get successful to grow crops in your farms then you can easily breed your cattle.

6.Know the monsters and fight with them

One of the most important parts of our survival guide Minecraft PE is to give the awareness of different monsters that exist in the game. There are various types of monsters in the game such as skeletons, creepers, zombies, spiders, blazes, slimes, cave spiders, Magma cubes, Spiders, Wither Skeletons, etc.

Each monster has certain power so fight with them as per their ability. Armors and quality weapons will help you to fight with these ferocious monsters.

7. Feeling tired? It’s time to sleep

After struggling with mobs and finding resources I think you have tired so now you should sleep. Dig down about 30 blocks and place your bed there to avoid monsters while sleeping. But make sure you have a route to go back because you don’t want to stick underground. You just need to tap on the bed to have a sound sleep.

8.Have a meal

Another great trick to survive in Minecraft PE is to restore your health. For restoring your energy you need a meal and for it, you can hunt animals like cows, pigs, and chickens. Cook them in your furnace and enjoy a healthy meal.

Now what to do next (Final thoughts on how to survive in Minecraft PE)

Finally, you got the basics for surviving in the Minecraft PE and it’s your turn now to play wisely. Minecraft is a random era where you can shape up your imagination and enhance your creative side as well. I think our tips about surviving in the Minecraft Pocket Edition will definitely help you out to start your journey in the game. And if any of these tips will work for you then don’t forget to share your feedback with us.

If you have any other trick that we didn’t mention here then share it with us. We will feel great to add your tip to our list.

Thank you!


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How to Survive in Minecraft PE (Complete Survival Guide), Tech chums