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How to Trade in Roblox (Complete Guide on Roblox Trading System)

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Roblox is one of the best online multiplayer game where players use their imagination to create a game with virtual blocks. Apart from game creation, Roblox allows its users to play millions of user-generated games. You can create different customization items on Roblox and trade them in exchange for Robux. But before trading items on Roblox, you must aware of the Roblox trading system, and in order to assist you we are here with our fruitful guide “how to trade in Roblox”.

Roblox is a free to use the platform but to enhance your gaming experience you need Robux (Virtual currency of Roblox). You can buy Robux with real money and also earn a fair amount of Robux with your creativity means by selling your stuff. Indeed trading items on Roblox is really exciting and to turn your deals in profitable ones let’s check out Roblox trading tricks and tips.

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How to trade in Roblox (Preparation for Roblox Trading)

The trading system on Roblox sounds pretty cool but it can be a nightmare if you are not aware of its rules properly. Smart players can trick you and you can lose your items so to stay safe while trading on Roblox here is a step by step guide:

1.Join the Builders Club

To buy and sell items on Roblox you must be a member of the Builders Club. To become the part of the Builders Club you need to pay a subscription fee that in the monthly or yearly form. For more information about Builders Club navigate to

2.Gather items to trade

Roblox players always search for rare items to look different and if you have such items in your inventory then you are lucky enough. So try to collect limited edition items to upgrade your trading potential. You can also attract users by adding Robux in your deal.

3.Set up your trading accessibility (Show you are open for trading)

When you run a shop to sell different items you have to exhibit what are you offering. Like this, in Roblox, you have to make changes in your account settings to show that you are open to Roblox trading. In your Account settings locate the Trade-accessibility drop-down menu and select open to trade.

4. Find your trading partners

The next step of our guide on how to trade in Roblox is to search for the users who are trading items. It is pretty easy and you just need to type the username via the search bar of and after finding them access their profile page and start a trade by choosing the “Trade Items” option.

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How to trade in Roblox (Steps to be followed to execute trading)

Now you are ready to trade in Roblox and here are is a step by step guide to exchange items with other Roblox players:

  • Navigate to the profile page of the player with whom you want to trade.
  • In the upper right corner of the profile page, you will observe three dots (containing the username and other information), click on it.
  • A new menu will occur and from this, you have to choose the trade items option.
  • Now on your screen, a whole new page will open up that will showcase the available items for trading.
  • Its time to choose the items you want to trade away and after selecting the particular item will visible in your offer list.
  • After it chooses the item you want to trade for and it will occur in your request list.
  • Adding Robux is optional but remember that the trading fee is 30% and after accepting the offer it will be removed.
  • Before finishing the trade process please review the item because if you have done and didn’t like the item there would be no option to reverse it.
  • Finally, click on “Make Offer” for submitting the trade and then confirm the trade request.
  • You have done folks.

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How to view your past trades?

The most important of our Roblox trading system guide is to check your past trades. It is pretty easy and here are the instructions to do so:

  • Back to your profile and click on Trade option to navigate to “Trade Page”.
  • A drop down many will appear and from here you can choose which trade offer you want to check.
  • Press on Robux icon and then Robux balance to inspect your transaction status or history.


Like this, you can trade items on Roblox and I hope after reading the post you understood how to trade in Roblox. In case you have any complexity yet then clear them by commenting in the comment box.

Share your feedback and for more informative updates stay tuned with us.

Thank You! Have a wonderful trading experience.

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