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How to Update Kodi on All Your Devices (Easy and Quick Guide)

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Kodi has recently released its new version and now you need to update KODI. So do you know how to update Kodi on all your devices? One of my friends was telling me about this update but he stuck somewhere, so I thought to help him and writing this article for all of you.

KODI is a multiplayer platform that gives you access to thousands of things, movies, shows, games, sports, kids,  just on a single window. Woahhh! Its an ultimate entertainment center. With every new version of KODI, some new features come that are free from bugs and allows you to add newly released add-ons as we have discussed Netflix addon in our last article about KODI. Within a few minutes after reading this article, you will have a new version of Kodi Installed.

One-in-all Media Solution…

Kodi is a multi-tasking platform. It does not only let you watch movies or play games but allows you to listen to audio, change skins in your game, various program and services add-ons and much more. It is a one-in-all media solution. You do not have to go anywhere else if you have KODI installed, a complete entertainment package! Different Kodi addons have different functions.

How to fix Kodi buffering?

Why VPN is mandatory with KODI?

Using a VPN, you to hide your own real web identity, that is your IP address and access the internet through a common public network. You will never be stuck with any legal issues if you due to a Virtual private network. Express VPN, Nord VPN, SurfShark are the best VPN one may buy.

KODI is a 100% legal platform but the add-ons it has comes from a different range of developers and sometimes may not be legal. That’s why it is recommendable to use a VPN to access KODI.

KODI Supported devices

  1. Windows
  2. OSx, iOS
  3. Android
  4. Linux
  5. Raspberry Pi

How to update KODI on Various devices?

Updating Kodi is not rocket science. Just carefully go through the steps below.

On windows/MAC/LINUX

  1. Open the browser
  2. Go to KODI official webiste.
  3. Click on the download button on the webiste.
  4. select your Operating system.
  5. Click on install
  6. After installation, lunch the app and you are done!

On Xbox

  1. Go to Hom screen.
  2. Click on the search button.
  3. Search for the Kodi app.
  4. If the update is available then click on the update button.
  5. wait till update complete.
  6. launch the app and enjoy the updated latest version of KODI.

On Android TV

  1. Ope your TV
  2. Go to the Android main menu, then go to Google Play Store.
  3. In the search bar in the play store, search for KODI.
  4. You will see two options there, INSTALL and UPDATE.
  5. If you have installed the app already, then the update button is ON for you.
  6. if you are a new user then click on the Install button.
  7. Finally, launch the software, follow guidelines and, proceed.

On Amazon Firestick

To update Kodi on Amazon Firestick, you need to download the downloader app first. So follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Downloader app from the Amazon Fire Store and Install it.
  2. Launch it then.
  3. Click on the address bar on the top and enter the link “”, tap search.
  4. A warning may be prompted, Click OK to it.
  5. O Kodi website, click Android and then click on ARMV8A (64 bit)
  6. Download the version and wait till finish.

Latest Version of KODI: Fixes and Updates

KODI has released its latest version recently, and that is the 18th version and that too 18.6 Leia in that. The below information in this section is directly taken from the first head information site, KODI.


  • Fixes around visualizations
  • Fixes around pause/resume
  • Fixes around TrueHD crashes
  • Workaround firmware bug (AMLogic v23) (side-note: there are many more Android audio fixes that can’t be merged into 18.x “Leia” because of old AMLogic workarounds)
  • Fix to correctly resume audio-only MPEG-TS streams
  • Correct headphone enumeration (Android)

Build System

  • Updates for missing includes
  • Updates for Cmake (Windows)
  • Updates for device handling and packaging (MacOS)


  • Fixes for launching disc images and .zip files
  • Fixes for black screen for RGB emulators (Rpi)

Interface Look & Feel

  • Fixes around TextureCache
  • Fixes for windowing, refresh rate, mode change and others (Android)
  • Fixes for floating/split keyboard (iOS)
  • Fix for artist slideshow (Estuary)
  • Fix media view from addon given content


  • Fixed race condition for OnPlaybackStarted
  • Fixes for MIME type (Android)
  • Support for Dolby Vision streams via addons
  • Fixes for maximum width and height/vertical-shift (Android)
  • Fix for scanning in sub-directories
  • Fix size of EAGL layer on external screen (iOS)
  • Fix for glTexImage3D (Linux)
  • Fix for seeking issues
  • Reset playlist on new file playb


  • Fix for multi-line episode names

Other General Fixes

  • Fixed incorrectly formatted region time
  • Pass JSON serialized path settings to python scrapers
  • Fix file access on auto-mounted sources
  • Fix seeking with FileCache lockup
  • Fix pass-through on USB devices (Android)
  • Fix crash if profile.xml gets broken
  • Fix cache forward


Hey friends, so this is all about how to update Kodi on various devices, along with this Iist, have shared a lot of small but useful information.

So how do you like the article? Share your feedback. Mention in comments if any updations needed. Thank you!!

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