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How to View Private Instagram Accounts 2020

View Private Instagram Accounts, How to View Private Instagram Accounts 2020, Tech chums

Do you want to View Private Instagram Accounts?  Do you want to spy on someone or just want to monitor your kid’s activity on Instagram? If yes, you are lucky to land here!

Social Media has become today’s trend now and we often worried about our privacy and security while uploading any persona pictures or videos over the platform. So to assure the users that they are safe, social media platforms are providing a way to make their account private and so Instagram does!

Instagram has gained a lot of popularity since it has been launched and people are using the platform the most. So with millions of users on the platform, you can not trust each and everyone thus Instagram developers give the users to make the account private and safe! But if you wish to view private Instagram accounts then here is a quick rundown of best possible ways to fulfill your desire.

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View Private Instagram Accounts, How to View Private Instagram Accounts 2020, Tech chums

What does Private Account mean?

Making a Private account on Instagram is the best way to be safe. A private account means only your followers would be able to see your activity and uploads. Others would not be able to see anything, other than your profile picture icon.

The misuse of information is very common in this world. Also, if you are a parent and want to know what your kid is doing every day on Instagram, you have to impose a watch on them. And if your kid’s account is private it is good but it would be difficult for you to track. Do not worry, here are some solutions.

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How to View Private Instagram Accounts 2020

There are no direct methods to view someone’s private account i.e told by Instagram or so. Below given are some methods that you may try and see if they are working for you or not! So, let’s discuss the methods one-by-one.

Method 1: Simply send them to follow request along with a message

This is the simplest method that you may use. Give it a try once again and send that user friend/follow request with a message. May be by reading the message they change their mind and think to add you again. This method is the simplest, and the easiest to View Private Instagram Accounts.

Method 2: Make a doppelganger account

Yes, this is the trick! In this, you have to make a doppelganger account. This is trickiest as you have to make the user believe that you are one of his/her friends.

In this method, you will create an account with the same DP, bio and other information as in one of its friends. Send a friend/follow request with that account. Make sure that you make the account so clear and alike that the user believes it’s his friends in an eye blink only.

Method 3: Make a fake account

Doppelganger is something different and making a fake account is completely different. In doppelganger, you copied one of his/her friend’s identity and copy it to another account. While in this method, you make a brand new account with any profile picture, status, bio ad other information may be completely different.

Make an account and use it for months before actually sending follow requests. This will make the user believe that the account is not fake, its real! And this will increase the chances that your friend request will be accepted.

Method 4: Seeking help from your friend

Sometimes, we have common friends. So. if you do not want to use the above-given methods, you may go for this one. Simply ask your mutual friend to share the posts with you ass well.

They might agree or might not to this! It depends on your relationship with that mutual friend.

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Method 5: Search on Other platforms

Users share their posts or pic on more than one platform. So, sometimes post shared on Instagram can be visible on Facebook, TikTok as well.

Search the user on across other platforms and get to know what’s up in their life.

Method 6: Use Apps designed for the purpose

There are various apps designed for the purpose. If you want to spy on someone, You can try them as well!

Insta Looker

By Insta Looker method, you can very easily View Private Instagram Accounts. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Insta Looker website.
  2. You may directly encounter spy now button, after which you have to enter the profile name and the whole profile is accessible to you.
  3. Or otherwise, you have to go through a survey or download something to proceed to view Private Instagram accounts.

Private Insta

PrivateInsta is very easy to use the app to view private Instagram profiles even without signing into your account. This app works well with different platforms Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android operating systems. It allows browsing photos on any private Instagram account anonymously.

How do PrivateInsta works?

  1. Go to PrivateInsta.
  2. A text box is visible to you on the next screen, Enter the user name in that.
  3. Click the submit button and wait a while.
  4. After this, you have to answer a few survey questions to view the account you want to see.

This way you can use Insta Looker without any hassle.

Here is a video tutorial for viewing private Instagram profiles:


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hey friends, spying on someone’s account is not good. IF someone has blocked you, you should not try different methods to get them. Moreover, I have shared the Parent-kid scenario, in that you can use any of the other methods. Because kids are innocent so its parent duty to protect them from spammers.

So, readers, I hope you would like this complete guide and will be helpful for you as well.

Do not forget to share with friends and family. Thank you!

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