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How to Watch Private YouTube Videos With or Without Link

Youtube is one of the most popular sites to watch each and every kind of video such as informative, funny, educational, and lots more. And most of the YouTubers used to upload their videos for making them visible for everyone but in case if the uploader made the video private and you are unable to watch then what will you do. How will you watch private Youtube videos? You can, and we are here with our guide on how to watch Private Youtube videos with or without a viewing link.

How to watch Private Youtube videos with link

If the uploader of the video has limited the video for the viewing of certain people then the video will neither appear in search results nor in suggested videos. But you can view that particular video if the uploader permits you to view it. You need to request him/her for the URL of the video and here are the steps you need to follow to watch the video:

  1. First of all, contact the uploader and request to send you a permission URL to watch the video.
  2. The uploader will send you the URL via mail so navigate to your mailbox and click on the received URL.
  3. When you will click on the URL a rectangular box containing a Red box with three horizontal dots will appear, click on it.
  4. It will take you to the video on Youtube.
  5. Finally, the video will begin to play on Youtube.

Make sure you have signed into the Youtube account with your email you have received the URL on. If you didn’t sign in then there may be a Youtube error and you can’t watch the video.

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How to watch private Youtube videos without permission URL?

All depends on the wish of the Youtuber either he/she wants to share the URL of the video or not. And if he/she denied giving you the permission URL then here is a trick. Try this one:

  1. Initially visit a particular private video like
  2. Simply delete Watch from the URL.
  3. After deleting watch finally press Enter and now the video will be unlocked.

Thus you will be able to watch the video without permission and any sign in formality. But this method is not safe for kids and younger minds because they can access inappropriate data such as Porn.

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Ready to watch private Youtube video? Obviously, you are and after observing the post you would be able to access private videos on Youtube. If you really enjoyed the post then share it with your nears and dears.

Still, any query regarding above mentioned steps then let me know below in the comment box. Stay connected for more informative tutorials and updates.


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