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HTC Vive Cosmos will soon be there to enhance your visual perception.

, HTC Vive Cosmos will soon be there to enhance your visual perception., Tech chums
Source: HTC

HTC Vive Cosmos has a lot of Amazing features that it is interesting for the customers even before its launch. HTC calls that device one of the most impressive sets being produced by them and also it embodies a lot of Amazing advancements that will be a great delight for visual enthusiasts.

The device will employ visual display with 90 frames per second speed and along with 88% larger resolution than the original HTC Vive. Not just that, there will be a 40% improvement in the visual clarity as compared to the original HTC Vive. The LCD screen with the greater combined resolution of 2880X1700 on real RGB panels is going to establish it as one of the most sensational devices of this generation.

Swappable faceplate will facilitate future updates to run on the system. It will be accompanied by detachable headphones, 6 cameras, vented front, and flip-up design. But sadly the cost and the launch date has not been announced officially by the company and also there has been no hint left Behind for us to guess on that.

This device was identified as one of the premium PC VR devices at Las Vegas this January 2019 and has been known to have striking graphic designs with Life-like sound adjustments. 

With wide and accurate tracking, gesture controls and a six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) headset and controller setup, Vive Cosmos promises a deeply engaging VR experience

HTC said

New adjustments have been made to suit the customers comfort in a way by providing soft light, breathable material, easy access and requirement of minimum setup to get it working. It appears as if HTC wants to leave no stone unturned to make this gaming experience one of the most cherished experiences amongst the customers when it comes to gaming as well as witnessing a greater visual delight.

The company is also coming out with its game friendly controller which is going to be easy to handle, easy to operate and enjoy on the connected devices. Undoubtedly, HTC’s advanced Virtual Reality Device is the new sensation in the gaming market but what comes along with it is the User perspective, since the cost amount and the launch date has not yet been released. We cannot exactly track on how customers are going to react to this and what are their Expectations regarding cost-effectiveness or regarding coming into the market in a proper time. 

Source: Cnet

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