Huawei’s issues in the US has forced it to cancel a new MateBook

No sequel to one of the best laptops of 2019. Definitely, if you know what Huawei could do in the field of computers, that’s definitely a way to put it. But is it really the end of it? Later this morning, Huawei CEO Richard Yu has confirmed an indefinite hold on the release of a new MateBook laptop, CNBC reports.

Huawei was scheduled to unveil a new MateBook laptop this week at the CES Asia 2019 trade show that is taking place in Shanghai but had to postpone the launch due to the U.S. ban forcing American companies avoiding doing businesses with the Chinese company.

But after the halt of 2 hours, a source told the Global Times.
in July 2019, Huawei will launch a new laptop model which will run the Windows operating system. This information refutes a recent report that Huawei has halted development and shipping of its Windows laptop until its own operating system is completed.

The report said that Huawei communicated the suspension of its laptop development to supply chain partners. A source told the Global Times that these reports are not true, stating that Huawei’s laptop production and investment is continuing as normal, and it will not change its strategy of continuously investing in PCs.

China Merchants Securities analyst Fang Jing told the Global Times that Huawei’s new laptop would run Windows on ARM architecture, which shows that the ban has had little effect on Huawei’s operations. A number of US tech companies have cut ties with Huawei following the placement of the Chinese company on the US Entity List, including Microsoft, Google, and Western Digital.

Huawei is a brand still making a name for itself in the US, even though it’s already made some of the best laptops and best phones. One thing that’s likely making it more of a household name is the ban imposed on Huawei in the US.

Earlier this year, the Trump administration put Huawei on its ‘entity list,’ which limits the work Huawei and US companies can do together. While Huawei builds most of its own products, it still largely relies on US companies for essential elements, like Microsoft and Google for the Windows 10 and Android operating systems respectively.

In this respect, the ban has effective blocked Huawei’s access to technology from Microsoft (its Windows operating system) and Intel (processors).

The launch date for the yet to be released MateBook is not revealed and it directly depends on how long wil lHuawei remain on the blacklist. Huawei’s consumer division CEO, Richard Yu, told CNBC that the situation is “unfortunate”.


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Huawei’s issues in the US has forced it to cancel a new MateBook, Tech chums