Inovatec Machinery Latest Installation Coin Polishing Machine

Coin Polishing Machine, Inovatec Machinery Latest Installation Coin Polishing Machine, Tech chums

Inovatec Machinery ( recently installed one of our high capacity, coin polishing machines for the Mittal group, India. Mittal group is one of the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of blank coins. Earlier, they were using the German Rosler coin polishing machine. Our solutions for mass polishing of coin blanks are one of the best in the market.


1. Coin Manufacturing at Mittal Group


The Mittal group is established since 1907. 

They have the capacity to manufacture more than 1 billion blank coins in their plant.

They are India’s largest manufacturers of nonferrous coin blanks.

They also manufacture bi-metallic coin blanks.

Coin Polishing Machine, Inovatec Machinery Latest Installation Coin Polishing Machine, Tech chums

They supply coin blanks to the Indian government as well as to other countries like Canada, Malaysia, Peru, Dominican Republic, and Thailand.

They also produce medals and badges with gold and silver coins.

Their plant is located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

So, using a mass coin polishing machine is essential in their business.


2. Cost Savings


Earlier, the Mittal group was using the German polishing machine from Rosler for polishing their coin blanks.

This machine got replaced by the Inovatec coin polisher machine.

After replacing the Rosler machine with the Inovatec machine, the Mittal group was able to reduce the overall operating cost by two-thirds.

The quality of polishing offered by the Inovatec machine is no less than the Rosler one.

Thus, they were able to reap more profit without compromising in the polishing quality.


3. Interaction


Before purchasing the machine, our technical team of engineers was always prompt in responding to the queries raised by the Mittal group.

It helped them to clarify all their doubts and select the right machine for their polishing needs.

We ensured that all their needs and requirements for polishing coin blanks are addressed with our machine.

We also guided them to select the right type of tumbling media and polishing compounds to match with their coin material and size.

They were also into the manufacturing of bimetallic coins, which are made of two different metal/metal alloys.

So, proper care should be taken while selecting the tumbling media and polishing compound.

Otherwise, the media matching with one of the material may damage the other material present in the coin blank.

We ensured that they invest in a media that has more life than the others and delivers the best quality finish on the coin blanks.

We were able to address all their coin polishing related queries.

So, if you need any kind of support for selecting a mass finishing machine, you can always get in touch with our team of proactive engineers.

Coin Polishing Machine, Inovatec Machinery Latest Installation Coin Polishing Machine, Tech chums

4. Technical Support and Training For Mittal Group


  • The technical team from Inovatec has visited the Mittal group facility for the installation and support activities.
  • We have trained their operators on-site to use the machine so that they are comfortable operating the machine.
  • It will help them to operate the machine in an efficient manner.
  • Our support team helped them to install the automatic loading hopper unit for this massive vibratory finishing machine.
  • Like any other company, the team from the Mittal group was also interested to know more about the maintenance and service requirements of the machine.
  • We have guided them to do the regular maintenance works that can be quickly done with the standard tool kit.
  • They were really happy after going through the easy to follow maintenance procedures.
  • We always ensure that our customers get the right kind of support after sales too.

Coin Polishing Machine, Inovatec Machinery Latest Installation Coin Polishing Machine, Tech chums

5. Coin Polishing Machine Details


  1. The Mittal group has installed the massive 1200 liter vibratory finishing machine from Inovatec machinery.
  2. This one is a heavy-duty mass finishing machine and comes with a 15kw motor.
  3. The manufacturing quantity of coin blanks is enormous for the Mittal group.
  4. So, they need a heavy-duty, coin polishing machine that can handle and process a large number of coins in less time.
  5. Only then, the coin polishing process will be efficient.
  6. The tumbler walls of these machines are poured with high wear-resistant PU lining from USA DuPont.
  7. This high-end PU lining inside the tumbler will ensure that no coin blanks get damaged due to hitting against the bottom or walls of the tumbler.
  8. The PU lining from USA DuPont has got a very good life when compared to the others.
  9. It is less susceptible to wear and tear.
  10. They have also invested in the automatic loading hopper unit.
  11. This unit will allow them to load the coin blanks into the bowl of the vibratory finishing machine automatically.
  12. Thus, they have installed automated the coin blank loading process to make the process more efficient.
  13. So, the whole process of polishing coin blanks has been done without any human intervention.
  14. It will help them to save their valuable time.

Coin Polishing Machine, Inovatec Machinery Latest Installation Coin Polishing Machine, Tech chums

6. Customer Feedback


When we checked with Mr. Sharma of the Mittal group for his feedback, we came to know that he is really happy about the installation.  The technical support and details which we shared with their team were well beyond their expectation. For Inovatec machinery, customer satisfaction is very important. We are happy only when the customer is satisfied with our product and service. So, don’t think that our support is there only up to the sale. We always ensure that our customers get full support after the sale also.


Now, you know the response and feedback for Inovatec mass finishing machines from one of the biggest manufactures in the market, the Mittal group. So, if you are looking for the best technical assistance and cost-saving efficient mass finishing solutions, you can always get in touch with us. We are always happy to assist you in making the right selection when it comes to mass finishing machines and after-sales support. The right investment in the right kind of machine can help you to prosper your manufacturing business. It doesn’t matter whether your polishing requirement is large or small; we have all types of finishing machines that can cater to the needs of all manufacturing businesses.

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