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Intel’s chips take a severe hit from the new MDS vulnerabilities.

, Intel’s chips take a severe hit from the new MDS vulnerabilities., Tech chums
Source: GBHackers

Two years ago, the Spectre and Meltdown took the processor industry by storm. These CPU flaws were so dangerous that Intel didn’t waste any time in releasing patches for them. We were finally taking a sigh of relief before researches revealed four more of these flaws.

Labeled ZombieLoad, RIDL, Fallout and Store-to-Leak Forwarding, together called MDS vulnerabilities, these flaws are extremely serious that Intel needs to patch them ASAP. These can heavily impact performance, especially in multi-threaded mode.

This, however, is only exclusive to only Intel processors. AMD owners are completely immune to these. The built-in hardware protection checks are being touted as the saviors.

Apple and Google have both advised their Intel fanbase to completely disable hyperthreading to be completely safe which can, unfortunately, drop performance to almost half. Phoronix ran a test and these patches cause the Intel Machines to run 16 percent slower!

Phoronix is currently ranking the processors as:

  1. 2990WX
  2. 7980XE
  3. 2700X
  4. 8700K
  5. 6800K

According to Phoronix, the issue is so severe that it drops the i7-8700K closer than ever to the Ryzen 7 2700X in terms of performance. What this means is that currently, AMD now tops the performance metrics. So far no attacks targetting these vulnerabilities have been recorded. If these Intel-based flaws continue to emerge, the market might as well tilt in favor of AMD.

AMD is also launching its new 7nm based processors this year which are already considered a huge upgrade over the previous generations. With these flaws coming to light, things couldn’t have been better for AMD.


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