iPhone suffered from swollen battery

Apple is carrying out a lot of repairs in its shop, but replacing swollen batteries is not the one thing it does. A video has been leaked of a person replacing a swollen battery on the iPhone demonstrates that he explodes right outside his face.

Apple and other reputable vendors may increase the fire danger by using batteries, wires, and chargers from unknown brands that do not fulfill identical safety standards.

It shows why Apple does not allow swollen batteries to be repaired for any of its products in the store. They’re too hazardous and could harm someone seriously.

The video, posted by the victim on Reddit, demonstrates two people removing the battery forming device at the workshop. One work on an iPhone battery that is swollen, and the other works on another. 

This makes it hard, as it is almost too simple to accidentally crack the battery and cause it to explode during the extraction phase. And that’s what’s going on in this video. The guy is doing his work in the yellow hat.

Fortunately, no severe thing occurred, but it could readily have occurred. It’s not something to be joking to have a phone battery burst in your face. Moreover, as one commentary on Reddit said, lithium-ion batteries are burning at more than 1.000oF, making them easy to burn through the shoe the person has stumped into the battery. That didn’t occur, fortunately.

The technology of lithium-ion battery alone is not stable. This is why batteries like the Galaxy Note 7 debacle have been so troubled. This isn’t an extensive iPhone battery, it’s more a one-off issue with all lithium-ion batteries. Yet, particularly when it swells up, it is still hazardous technology.

This is one of the most serious reasons why you should be conscious of your lives before purchasing the Apple series and be sure of the item. Nothing is, after all, more essential than life itself.


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iPhone suffered from swollen battery, Tech chums