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How to Join a Group on Roblox – Make and Join Groups

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Do you want to know “how to join a group on Roblox”? need any help? If yes, I am here for you…..

Its always fascinating to play the game with your friends, family and your near ones. Single-player is awesome, but playing multiplayer is amazing! Whenever you go multiplayer, you need to join a group On Roblox. This guide will tell you how you can make and join groups. Scroll down to read more!


Roblox is a platform that permits the players to modify the given base and create their own online 3D games. The platform was made in 2007 and gained a lot of popularity since then. With a total of 178 million accounts to date and 64 million players every month access the platform. The game is available online as well as for iOS and Android. You can also play on Xbox and Amazon Devices. Creating your own game is more than astonishing!

The requirement for a Group…

One user can create 100 groups and can join 100 groups. To create a group, The player has to pay 100 Robux. So your account must have 100 Robux while you create a group. Either earn those 100 Robux or buy through real money.

There are ways to earn free Robux as well.

  1. Install the game in APK version to earn free Robux.
  2. Get free Robux from various code redeem sites available on the web.

How to Join a Group on Roblox?

The following are the steps that will help you out with “how to join a group on Roblox“. The steps are very easy and you can easily understand.

  1. Go to The Website.
  2. Now go to the search bar on the top and search for keyword (group name).
  3. Then you will get a list of related groups on your screen.
  4. The group comes up with a little description, from that you can conclude about the group and take the decision to join the group or not.
  5. Select a group of your interest and choice.
  6. Then press the button “Join Group”.
  7. Some groups approve the request automatically but some groups require manual approval. So it takes some time to get approved by the group if done manually.
  8. Once approved, you can enjoy in the group.

How to make a group on Roblox?

Fill your account with 100 Robux before proceeding. Following is the guide to create a group on Roblox.

  1. Go to the Website and Login to your account.
  2. Now go to the menu bar and look for the option “Groups”. Click on it.
  3. Now click on “Create group”.
  4. Give a name to your group. While giving a name you must know that the name should not be vague and easy to remember, the length of a name should be less than 50.
  5. After naming, fill the group description. be cautious while filling the description as it reflects all about the group, interests, and activities.
  6. Add a slogan of the group. Make it attractive!
  7. Add a group image.
  8. Now Edit group settings.
  9. Finally, Press the “Purchase” button, (the green button).
  10. Now you have to pay 100 Robux here and the group gets created.

How to Donate Robux With or Without Builder’s Club?

How to delete the group?

You can not delete a group once created.

How to Edit the name of the group?

There is no way to change the name of the group once the group is created. So, make sure to give a clear ad easy to remember the name to your group. Choose a name that is easy to spell. Choose an easy name.

Final Words

Well, friends, this is all about how to create a group on Roblox. I hope you understand the points and the essential requirement for making a group.

Share your feedback. Thank you!!

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