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JPMorgan Chase’s AI copywriter writes better publications

JPMorgan Chase signed a 5-year agreement with a computer startup that utilizes artificial intelligence to write advertising copies after a good test with the technology, to indicate that the future of the job is already here.

The studies show JPMorgan Chase, which measures greater click rates— more than double in some cases— on digital advertisements in Chase cards and mortgages, showed that Persado’s machine-learning instrument produced better advertisements than its makers could assume. 

The most effective version, from Persado, reads, “It’s true—you can unlock money from your shareholdings”. In one such matchup, the human ad reads, “Access money from your home”.

Kristin Lemkau, chief advertising officer at JPMorgan Chase, stated in a declaration that

“Persado’s technology is extremely promising. It rewrote copies and titles which a marketing company would probably not have, using subjective judgment and experience”.

The Persado “message machine” creates copies of over a million marked and scored emotional phrases from a database. They worked. And it worked. Three years ago, JPMorgan Chase started testing technology and Lemkau says the firm now hopes to use it not only for advertising but also for inner and client service calls.

Both companies did not disclose their extended relationship conditions. When asked, “We don’t have any effects on our structure.” JPMorgan Chasé has over 250,000 people and an annual technology budget of 11 billion dollars that can assist the business to automate many of its duties, the Bank’s spokesman informed adage. 

The agreement was asked if it would cause cuts or other adjustments to our lender’s staff. In 2017, the Bank introduced a Contract Intelligence (COIN) program which was designed to reduce to a few seconds the time it took to review records typically passed thousands of hours a year by attorneys and credit officials.

In a 2018 BrightEdge study of digital marketers at Fortune 500 businesses, about 60 percent of them expect to use AI to provide more personalized posts in their content approach that year. 

Persado claims it has more than 250 machines including Dell, Citi, American Express, Air Canada and Microsoft that are using its computer for communication.


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JPMorgan Chase’s AI copywriter writes better publications, Tech chums