Man of Medan by The Dark Pictures Anthology to set up two multiplayer modes.

In a recent post by PlayStation Blog, Pete Samuels, Series Director and Executive Producer of The Dark Pictures Anthology, declared that Multiplayer Gaming facility will be available on the Man of Medan game by the team. 

The series of Horror- drama games will embody different settings and features for every new release in the series. A total of 8 games have been planned to be launched by the Dark Pictures Anthology where Man of Medan is going to be the first game in the series. The game is all set to launch on 30th of August. 

The team has planned two multiplayer modes for The Dark Pictures Anthology — Shared Story mode and Movie Night mode.

In the shared story mode one player will be able to play online with another person where a decision made will affect both the players in the story – the drama of the game. 

In the movie Night mode, up to 5 people can make up for a team Each player can enter their names and chose a character that they wish to play. Players can explore, react, and make decisions that will keep the characters alive and stay in the game. When prompted, one has to simply pass the controller onto the next player so that they can continue with their character.

Inspired by the Until Dawn, the game will provide every character a summary on how they have performed in the Game. This feature will improve the collaborative attribute of the game and will innovate the way multiplayer chariot has been running since ages.

The director confessed that the narrative nature of the story has thrown numerous challenges to the design of the game. Especially in the shared story mode, they were well aware of setting the design where they share a similar story but neither of them witnesses everything that is present around.

The design has been made in accordance with the horror nature where once the sharing partners in character split, they never know if they will ever meet the other character again. Definitely, this is a fresh genre in gaming, offering players a different taste to the multiplayer setting. The team is confident that people will be satisfied with the experience and the drama.

The two modes of the game are different but extremely interesting. Each of them has been inspired by the Until Dawn game. Samuel reveals that since the day Until Dawn went on board, they were surprised by the number of people who were streaming the game. The videos had 1 billion views on YouTube and changed the perception of multiplayer gaming.

The Dark Pictures Anthology derived its initial inspiration from the number of people who shared their views on how much they loved playing Until Dawn game with their friends and on the couch. The team then decided that along with the story, characters, and cinematic production values, the multiplayer mode should be core to the series. Replaying will also be facilitated by different scenarios. The Man of Medan is just the first game in the series who will soon branch out. 

Samuels also leaves a message for players to make them familiar with the background set up :

“This game sees four American tourists and their inexperienced captain going on the diving holiday of a lifetime in the South Pacific. All sounds idyllic right? Wrong, things soon take a turn for the worse and it will be up to you what happens next”.

The horror experience has been geared up! Just be ready, not cold.


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Man of Medan by The Dark Pictures Anthology to set up two multiplayer modes., Tech chums