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Microsoft rebranded “Office Online” to only “Office”

, Microsoft rebranded “Office Online” to only “Office”, Tech chums
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Finally, Microsoft decided to stop using “Word Online” or “Excel Online,” so all internet-enabled applications are just Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Microsoft says this may be referred to as “the web office” in the future, but it’s just to distinguish between Office on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android and the web.

Microsoft only makes this shift for Office Online applications on the client-side. The names of the online servers Exchange, SharePoint Online and Office Online will live on. 

Officials said they reserve the right to still sometimes use the word “Web Office” or “Browser Office” when distinguishing Office’s web version from the versions of Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.

On the one side, it makes sense to ditch “Online” as a convention of naming. If you access the app through the internet, it goes without stating that you are using the “online” version of it. 

On the other side, when Microsoft attempts to distinguish between its desktop, mobile, and internet applications, it could trigger some confusion. The firm said it would continue to refer to web-based applications as “the web office” to clarify the platform, which is something the “online” moniker has already done for them.

This fresh and sudden branding may seem a bit confusing, but it makes sense with Office and especially the internet for the wider aspirations of Microsoft. 

Last year, Microsoft placed its tactile Windows 10 Office applications on hold and chose instead to prioritize web development. Microsoft is also creating a fresh Fluid Framework with a fresh versatile document format, text translation, and multi-person cooperation that will enhance Office in the browser. 

This Fluid Framework feels like Office and Windows ‘ future, and Microsoft now seems to lay the groundwork for these Office internet variants to become much more strong in the years ahead.

The shift in the name of Microsoft Office does not influence products such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Project Online, and Office Online Server. These will maintain the online moniker, and this applies only to Office applications.


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